Pirate Birthday Party Invitations


If the occasion is a birthday, invite all people who are most important in the life of the child. Parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins should be included on the family list. Boys and girls both love pirates, so this party theme is appropriate for either. Pirate birthday party invitations should express the theme of the party! Another great reason to have the party is to celebrate the first day of summer! You can purchase stationery or invitations at our web-site that will match your theme or you can create your own. Invite guests to arrive in costume, if desired.

Pirate Birthday GirlDecorating for the Party

The movie sensation “Pirates of the Caribbean” is providing an excellent source of decorating supplies and party favors for pirate lovers! You could create the atmosphere of a ship, if you are up to elaborate decorating, or just create focal points throughout the party space. Use an old trunk for a treasure chest, filling it with all sorts of costume jewelry, gold coins, swords etc. (The dollar store is great for these) Hint: fill it to the top with something else then cover with a sheet. Put the treasures atop the sheet, piled high, with necklaces overflowing out of it. Greet each guest at the door and give them bandanas and eye patches and invite them to come in.


A great theme cake is a Pirate Ship, complete with plastic figurines placed strategically around the ship. For a less time intensive idea, consider a sheet cake that you create a map on. “X” marks the spot. You could actually bury a tiny gift there. If there is a birthday child, be sure that child gets the gift. Otherwise, consider it a door prize.


Show some of the scenes from “Treasure Island” while children are enjoying the cake. Give each child a map of the party space and send them on a scavenger hunt. As they arrive at each spot, they can collect a clue for the next place to go. You will need older people to volunteer to be readers for the children, and to give them hints. This will involve all of your guests. Let the children pick out treasures from the chest after the hunt is complete. Capture the Flag is an excellent game to play to round out your day.

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