Celebrating a Birthday Party as a Halloween Event

Halloween birthdays are both fun and difficult to plan. Most people already have some plans on Halloween eve, which makes throwing a party for your guest of honor difficult. While this is a tough obstacle, there still are some ways to plan an effective Halloween party that everyone can enjoy.

Timing of the Party

Halloween girl happyThe most important element in throwing a Halloween birthday party is timing. You can’t really plan a birthday party even on Halloween day, since most people won’t be able to attend. However, you can select the weekend before Halloween, or you may choose to plan a birthday for the weekend after Halloween.

Since this time of year can be busy for many people, it is best to send out birthday notifications in advance. This way, your guests will have some time to plan their Halloween party schedule ahead of time.

Once you have worked out the timing issue, you can then start to plan the event itself. The best part about Halloween is that you already have the perfect birthday party theme in place. Why not make a Halloween birthday party a costume party? This task will be simple, yet it will also be a lot of fun.

What about Costumes?

Most people that share a birth date with the Halloween holiday are happy to include a bit of spooky fun into their birthday bash, including scary party games and ghoulish decorations. In addition, most guests are happy to enjoy another opportunity to wear their costume. Encouraging costumes is a great way to get everyone excited about the Halloween birthday party, which will create a fun atmosphere for the party itself.

However, before you can embark upon any other planning, you will need to select some truly festive invites. If you do decide to go with a Halloween theme, nothing says “Happy Birthday” better than a spooky card. Thankfully, there are lots of great Halloween-inspired invitations.

Halloween girl spookedSpooky Stationery

Choose birthday invitations that are not only colorful and spooky, but also place an emphasis upon the birthday event. Many cards show off lots of Halloween details, but they tend to neglect the underlying birthday message. Make sure that the invitation either has the birthday event imprinted, or allows you to write in clearly that this is a spooky birthday party no one will forget!

As soon as guests open up a Halloween birthday invite, they will know what to expect right away. Whether you are planning a costume party or not, most guests will love the idea of celebrating a birthday on Halloween.

Those that are born on Halloween are certainly unique. From spiders and goblins to birthday wishes, Halloween birthdays are filled with squeals, delights, and a truly festive “dark” night. Throw a Halloween birthday party that your guest of honor will remember forever – after all, only a select few are born on this day of the year.


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