Over the Hill retirement party games

Over the Hill jokes are as funny as they are old. Poking gentle fun at retirees can be a light hearted way to celebrate retirement. Not only is Over the Hill a great theme for retirement party invitations, décor and gag gifts, but it can provide a great theme for games and entertainment

Our guest of honor is so old . . . .

retirement partyAs your guest of honor celebrates their retirement, consider asking your guests to come up with some ‘so old’ jokes. It’s easy and fun. For example ‘John is so old, he rode a dinosaur to his first job’ and so on. Not only can these be funny, but they can be specific to a special time or joke that the guest and guest of honor shared. Tell your guests to go easy and not to get too carried away.

Guess the photo year

Over the retirees working life, they’re bound to have some old photos. Collect these for a slide show game where the guests can guess the year. Fashions and hair styles have changed so greatly over the years this could be a fun way to reminisce and maybe even give away prizes

Retiree trivia

When sending out your retirement invitations, ask your guests to RSVP with some trivia from their career; first company car, name of first assistant, etc. At some point in the evening you can hold a trivia contest to see who knows most about the retiree. This is another fun way to remember a career’s worth of accomplishments while still involving the guests and having a good time.

Other over the hill games

There are many other games on the shelves at toy stores and party supply stores with fun over the hill themes. Pick over the hill bingo with humorous bingo cards for a fun twist on an old favorite. Ask the guest of honor ahead of time if they have a favorite game and put a fun retirement/over the hill twist on it. The possibilities are endless.

Guess what the retiree will be doing tomorrow, next week, next year and beyond
Set up a football-like pool and sell squares for guesses about what the guest of honor will be doing in the near future. Label squares with ‘sleeping late.’ ‘traveling,’ playing golf’ or ‘nothing.’ This is a fun way to celebrate the new beginning of retirement, not just the end of the retirees working life.

One note of caution; make sure your guest of honor has a great sense of humor. Retirement is a big step and some may feel as if this is another step towards ‘getting old.’ Too many ‘old’ jokes might not work with some retirees.

While there are many options for fun party games, it is important to get everyone involved and having a good time. You should also keep in mind, that retirement is not just an end, but the start of a new life for the guest of honor – don’t forget to celebrate the end and the start.

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