How to Make Your Wedding Invitations as Unique as Your Wedding Theme

Imagine yourself standing on the beach wearing a fitted mermaid wedding gown while you look into your soon-to-be husband’s eyes. The groom, all six feet five inches of him, plays King Neptune in a white Hawaiian shirt and fitted linen pants. He smiles as he put a pearl on your ring finger after you say, “I do!”

All weddings should be made of dreamy images like these! To create the perfect wedding dream for you and your soul mate, choose a theme that reflects your passions – and then excite your guests with a wedding invitation that is as unique as your theme.

romantic wedding decorUse Your Personality to Create a Theme

Why settle for anything less than extraordinary when planning your special day? When it comes to your wedding theme, anything is possible. Reach for the sky. You’re liable to find some inspiration there. Have a favorite color? Use it! Love a certain song? Play it. Want to make unique decorations to sit on tabletops? Have at it! Grab your glue gun, a package of seashells, a candle, and some pretty ribbon and create your fantasy!

Once you have decided on a splendid wedding theme, it is time to set the tone for your wedding – long before the bells chime. Excite your guests with your theme by portraying your vision on your wedding invitations. Creating wedding invitations as unique as your wedding theme is the perfect way to turn your dream into a reality.

Turning Themes into Wedding Invitation Inspiration

Here are some great ideas for those of you need help setting the wedding invitation tone for your wedding ceremony and reception:

Beachfront Wedding – Tie raffia ribbons with seashells and slip it around your invitation. If that style doesn’t appeal to you, use an empty, clear plastic bottle and slip the invitation inside. Add sand and miniature seashells for your very own “message in a bottle.”

Moroccan Wedding – Use brightly colored invitations featuring the Hand of Fatima. Enclose a beautiful beaded wineglass charm by taping it to each card before placing it in the envelope.

Victorian Wedding – Select antique looking stationery that is heavy in calligraphy. Include a miniature replica of a yesteryear calling card featuring information about your reception.

Daisy Themed Wedding – Press wildflower seeds into handmade paper. Attach a note directing guests to plant their invitations once the ceremony and reception is over.

Hooray for Hollywood Wedding – Give the guests the red carpet treatment by enclosing VIP Press Passes in each envelope. Fashion a wedding invitation to resemble what gets reporters close to celebrities. Don’t forget to sprinkle silver or gold glitter in the envelope to give it a magical feel!

Alice in Wonderland Theme – Print in bold letters READ ME on the front of the wedding invitation. Include a second card for directions that reads FOLLOW ME. Include a few Queen of Hearts cards or conversation heart candies, and you have a magical story in the making.

Texas Hold ’Em Casino Theme – Fit the wedding invitation to the back of a set of playing cards. Mail each guest their own deck of cards. No one will think you’re a joker once they see these unique souvenirs.

Black and White Wedding – Purchase several dozen black and white cookies. Attach a sticker to the back with all your wedding information. Make sure to wrap them well. This is one wedding invitation that won’t go to waste!

Fairy Tale Wedding – Attach little bags of Pixie Dust to the cards with ribbon or colorful scrapbooking brads. Attach a label across the front of the glitter that reads, “No Fuss If You Must Use Our Pixie Dust.”

Good Fortune Wedding – Are you lucky in love? Attach good luck charms to each invitation. Some examples of tiny treasures include: clovers, horseshoes, rabbit’s foots, fortune cookie messages, and smooth pebbles with the word wish engraved in them.

Sports Fan Wedding – Create or purchase ticket-like wedding invitations. These can be customized for any game including—baseball, basketball, tennis, soccer, and football.

Broadway Wedding – Visit your local print shop to have copies of your own wedding playbill made. Don’t forget to add witty dialogue and headshots for the bride and the groom, as well as their family members and friends.

Rock and Roll Wedding – Include a guitar pick with the wedding invitation and add the following sentiment: “We’re glad that we picked you to attend our big event.”

Ambitious brides can cut, glue, and piece together unique creations of their own after purchasing the right kinds of supplies from a local arts and crafts store. Use your personality and interests to inspire your wedding invitations.

Beyond Tradition: Unique Wedding Invitation Appeal

Christmas wedding receptionWhile most wedding invitations feature a rectangular shape, contemporary brides are now embracing other shapes. Whether you opt for a circular wedding invitation with petals that unfold to reveal the details or a modern square, selecting a unique shape can certainly set your invitation apart from the rest.

You can always use textures, shapes, and accessories to exude the overall ambiance and theme of your wedding. For example, if your wedding will mix tradition with modernity, then reflect this theme in your wedding invitation by combining a classic rectangular invitation with a leather-motif bellyband. Use the great variety of shapes, sizes, and bellybands available to exude the theme of your wedding in a unique way.

Or, if you will be hosting a truly modern celebrity wedding, then reflect this extravagance in your wedding invitations. You can choose gold embossed square invitations that are wrapped in a black envelope to truly exude a black-tie aura. Or, for the fashionable wedding, combine a hot pink wedding invitation with a black snakeskin-motif bellyband to set a dynamic tone for your wedding.

Regardless of what theme you choose for your special day, your wedding invitations can be just as unique and exciting! Using creativity, unique materials, and ideas that are “outside of the box,” you can reflect on your wedding invitations just how special your wedding day will be!

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