Moving Announcements Etiquette

There are many reasons why people move: a new job, a bigger or smaller house, a new experience, or maybe it’s a business move to a better location or larger office. Whatever your motivation, observing proper etiquette when sending moving announcements is always important.

Purpose of Moving Announcements

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Personal moving announcements are sent to family and friends in order to share your new contact information. They can also help you get in touch with people you’ve lost contact with and who wouldn’t know of your move. Often, receiving a moving announcement will prompt that person to call you and congratulate you on your move.

Business moving announcements are sent to clients – both old and new, and vendors along with certain friends and family members. These announcements, while necessary and informative, also serve as a promotion for your business.

What To Include

For personal moving announcements, you typically include your name, new address and telephone number, move date and email address. It is also acceptable to use the announcement to invite friends to a housewarming party; just be sure that you will be unpacked and relatively organized by the date you specify.

If you’re mailing a business announcement, it should feature your company’s logo and tagline, as well as your new contact information and a map or directions. If you are moving to a prime location closer to many of your clients, note this on the announcement. They can also double as invitations for an open house or a grand re-opening celebration.

Personal Moving Announcement Etiquette Tips

Personal moving announcements should be mailed after the move or just before the big day. If you mail them too early, your plans could change, and you would have to waste a lot of time on the phone explaining the situation. For instance, if you put a contract in on a new house, but then find out there are major structural issues and are forced to cancel escrow, you will be grateful you didn’t already mail your announcements.

If you are mailing announcements that also invite friends to a housewarming party, be sure you will be able to host the gathering within 4 to 6 weeks of sending the announcements and moving. If your house will need a lot of renovating and will likely take 4 to 6 months to complete, hold off sending invitations and just announce your move. Otherwise, your renovations might run behind schedule, people will forget to write it down, and you’ll probably find it not well-attended.

Etiquette for Corporate Moving Announcements

Business moving announcements are handled a bit differently. You must ensure your announcements are mailed at least two weeks prior to your move, and if you are approaching a holiday, you should send them even earlier. Your clients need to know where you are, and if you wait until after the move, you’ll likely find several people upset after they went to your old office only to find it empty. If you will be closed for several days during the move to get the new office organized, note this on the announcement, and depending on your business, provide an emergency contact number.

Following these simple etiquette rules will allow you a smooth transition from one place to another and ensure you don’t leave anyone behind.

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