Thanksgiving Party Invitations

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Thanksgiving was first instituted by the Pilgrims as a day set aside to thank God for providing for them and allowing them to successfully settle in the new land. Later, the 4th Thursday of November was officially designated as a day to be set aside each year, for celebrating all of the good things that are yours to enjoy. Ask a friend to name traditional Thanksgiving foods and they will probably say “Turkey and all of the trimmings, and long tables filled with every type of pie imaginable.” How you cook the turkey or serve the sweet potatoes may vary from region to region, but the basic menu remains the same across the land.

Thanksgiving PartyInvitations

Although much of the talk of Thanksgiving is about turkeys and pies and football games, the reality is that it is the people in your life that are the most important reason to be thankful. Whether those important people are family members, friends or coworkers, they are the reason that your life is enriched. Take the time to thank them by inviting them to spend the day with you. Stationery for Thanksgiving celebrations are often bedecked with cornucopias, pilgrims and harvest themes. Be sure to state clearly on the invitation what time guests should arrive, and if there is a dessert or side dish that you would like them to bring.


Decorating for Thanksgiving is very easy. Use the fall harvest as your central theme. Pumpkins, Candied Corn, Dry Corn Stalks and Bales of Hay are all simple ways to decorate your home for the holiday. Dollar stores offer a wide variety of theme specific decorations such as pilgrims, decorative baskets and serving dishes, and fall candles.

For the creative host, there are numerous types of party favors and centerpieces that you can make. For example, a chocolate dipped marshmallow sitting atop a small vanilla wafer cookie makes creates a pilgrim hat. (Use yellow gel to create the buckle) Bread dough can be rolled and wound around a tinfoil form and baked to form an edible cornucopia. There are numerous themed Thanksgiving paper products available for purchase, for those not wanting to do endless amounts of dishes. Some may choose to use the finest of their serving dishes, china and linens for the festive occasion.


You can invite guests for part or all of the Thanksgiving celebration. Some guests may arrive before dinner to watch the Macy’s Parade with you. Offer a buffet of appetizers such as a vegetable platter, cheese and crackers, and fresh fruit. An edible turkey can be made out of fresh fruits and vegetables (do an online search for instructions). Other guests may arrive in time for lunch. Still others may be eating the traditional dinner elsewhere but be invited to your home for pie and coffee during the football game in the afternoon. Consider a pie eating contest in the later evening, to end the day of festivities (Or as a day after theme party, to use up the leftover pies)! Central to all of the activities is the time spent with family and friends, conversing and catching up on the events of the past months since you last gathered.

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