What is Your Wedding Style?

When you’re planning your fabulous wedding, you want to make it a reflection of your personality. Sure, the groom’s tastes and input is a little important ‘ he should help set the budget and create the guest list, of course. But the wedding day is really about the bride and that’s why the wedding should be a reflection of your style.

But what is your wedding style? Let’s look at three possibilities below so you can determine which is the best style for your wedding.

romantic wedding styleRomantic Wedding Style

If you’ve spent your whole life wishing you could spend a single day like a princess from a Disney cartoon, then your wedding day is your big moment. A romantic wedding starts off with the perfect location. If you want a church wedding, then pick a cathedral or a large church that looks as if it were built in medieval France. If you prefer a non-church wedding, choose an outdoor location ‘ in the center of a botanical garden with the trees and flowers blooming all around you would be perfect, especially at dusk with candlelight everywhere.

Your transportation should also be reminiscent of a fairy tale. While you won’t be able to have your fairy godmother turn a pumpkin into a coach, you can rent horse drawn carriages in many cities and that’s the next best thing. If that option isn’t available, rent an elegant black limo.

What’s the most important part of a romantic wedding? Your dress. You’ve probably been dreaming about the perfect wedding dress for a long time. The most obvious choice is a ball gown dress with a voluminous skirt and a dropped waist. An A-line or princess style dress with a less broad skirt can also be an amazing choice. Of course, you want to choose white and sensual fabrics: satin, silk, etc.

Classic Wedding Style

Classic wedding styleThe classic wedding is all about staying traditional. Churches or other religious locations are the most obvious choices for classic brides with country clubs or hotel bedrooms being perfect locations for the reception. Generally, you’ll want fairly large accommodations because the classic bride definitely wants an audience ‘ usually 150 to 200 guests at least. To be truly traditional, you’ll want to schedule your event during the wedding season, possibly even making it a June wedding. Try to pick an early afternoon time for the ceremony so your guests will be ready for the full-course sit down meal you serve at your reception.

How does a classic bride arrive at her wedding and reception? You’ll want to rent a large limousine so that the bride and her entourage can easily fit, then that same limo can take her and the groom to the reception and later to a hotel or the airport for the start of their honeymoon.

But what about the dress? The classic bride can wear almost any style of wedding dress as long as the skirt touches or nearly touches the floor. She also needs a veil and a matching train to round out the ensemble. Plus, no classic bride would ever consider wearing a dress that wasn’t completely white.

Glamour Wedding Style

glamour wedding styleAnother option is the glamour wedding style. This type of bride loves the idea of being a movie star or of looking like she walked off the runway. She wants her wedding to be a sophisticated party. For the ceremony, she’ll probably skip the church and choose something a little more ‘Hollywood.’ A destination wedding on the beach at some exotic location might be a good choice or an event hall in a five-star hotel. The reception can either be held on-site or some other fabulous spot. You might want to rent out your favorite restaurant or club for the night ‘ or at least one of its private rooms.

Your transportation should also be fabulous. Limos are always a standard choice, but if you want glamour then why not be brought into your wedding or reception by helicopter or in an exotic sports car? If you’re having a beach wedding, why not arrive by boat or by yacht? That’s definitely glamorous.

You’ll also know if you’re a glamour style bride by the types of wedding dresses that appeal to you. Those big, fluffy white gowns which hide most of your assets are probably a huge turn-off, instead your eyes are always attracted to those sleek Empire style wedding dresses which look like something women wore in old movies. You’re also not going to limit yourself to white. Ivory is definitely an option, but you wouldn’t necessarily be imposed to even more dramatic colors, such as maroon.

So which description best fits the type of wedding you’ve been imagining? Any wedding style would make an amazing ceremony, but the important thing is for you to pick a style that works best for you and that you use consistently.

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