Bridal Shower Scrapbooking – Memories to Last a Lifetime

Scrapbooking is the perfect way to forever cherish memories made at a bridal shower. If your bride is an avid scrapbooker, then consider hosting a scrapbooking bridal shower party where guests help her create a beautiful bridal shower scrapbook. If the bride doesn’t want this for her theme, then consider having a scrapbooking party after the bridal shower, perhaps inviting the bridesmaids to help her create a special memory book.

ScrapbookingHosting a Scrapbooking Bridal Shower

A scrapbooking themed bridal shower party is catching on as scrapbooking continues to grow in popularity. A great benefit of hosting this type of bridal shower party is that the bride will get a unique keepsake to take home. She can add to the scrapbook throughout the engagement and wedding period, and it is even more special because it is a scrapbook that her closest friends and family helped her create. A bride on a budget will also appreciate acquiring fun scrapbooking tools like embellishments, decorative paper, die cuts and stamps that can be expensive for a project of this size.

It’s important to send bridal shower invitations that convey this scrapbooking theme, whether you make them yourself to resemble a scrapbook page or choose bridal shower invitations that feature a scrapbook album. You can ask guests to bring scrapbooking items as gifts to the bridal shower, or simply prepare them to get crafty while you provide the essentials.

A great way to get all the guests involved, especially those who might not be as creative, is to borrow a portable photo printer and snap fun bridal shower photos and print them instantly. Then, create fun scrapbook pages out of these instant memories.

If your bride prefers to scrapbook out of the spotlight, then let guests know that scrapbooking is her favorite hobby, and some guests will probably give her nice scrapbooking gift sets, while others will choose general household items appropriate for a bridal shower party. Once the bridal shower is over, have the bride and her bridesmaids stay have an intimate scrapbooking party, where you print out photos taken during the bridal shower and make this activity meaningful because it stays between best friends.

Tips for Creating a Bridal Shower Scrapbook

You don’t have to choose one scrapbook paper as the background for the entire scrapbook, but you might choose a variety of patterns and colors that use the same colors for a less rigid and more creative approach. You could choose various scrapbook papers in tones of cream and pink for the ultimate bridal shower background and gather solid colored paper, fun stickers and floral stamps to help bring those bridal shower photos to life in the scrapbook.

Creating picture frames out of paper by using double-sided tape to attach a photo to a piece of paper is a great way to introduce a bolder hue into your muted color palette. Use alphabet stickers to spell captions or page titles, and don’t be afraid to cut the photos to get the picture you most want to remember. As long as you’re creative, your collaborative bridal shower scrapbook will truly be one your bride cherishes forever.

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