50th Wedding Anniversary Invitation Etiquette

It will be an evening that you will remember for the rest of your life. As you dance close to your spouse of fifty years, you can’t help but smile thinking about all the time that you spent together. You remember the good things and try to forget about the bad. You look ahead to a beautiful future filled with laughs, leisure, and family.

Your 50th wedding anniversary party was just what you expected it to be. It was breath-taking, beautiful and perfect in every way. You hired the caterer, instructed the DJ on what to play, contracted out the decorations, rented the space, and sent out the invitations. You didn’t miss a beat or leave out any details. You did, however, forget one crucial thing. You forgot your manners where sending invitations are concerned!

50th Wedding AnniversaryMinding Your Manners in Your Wedding Anniversary Invitations

Here’s how you, as a host, can make your guests feel welcome before they attend your event:

Select an invitation that is easy to read. Write clearly and explain anything out of the ordinary. Give detailed directions to the location of the party for out of town guests. Affix the correct amount of postage and get the cards into the mail as soon as possible.

Send out your wedding invitations early enough that people have time to prepare for your big event, minimally six weeks ahead. Some people may have to travel a great distance to attend your anniversary party. Do not jeopardize a friendship by expecting someone to travel at the drop of the hat. Mailing the cards out two months in advance ensures that guests will have the time needed to secure a flight and make sleeping arrangements.

Give a way for your guests to contact you. Enclose your telephone number, address, and email address as a means of communication.

Ask your children to pitch in before the big event. Do not start assigning tasks as they arrive to your function. A successful party requires extra help. Don’t try to do everything by yourself. Just give your family a heads up when requiring their assistance.

Require that guests R.S.V.P. so that you can order the right amount of refreshments. There is nothing worse than running out of food in the middle of your event. To make things easier on yourself and the caterer, give the partygoers a pre-set menu to choose from. Make sure that you have substitutes for vegetarians or people with food allergies.

Send out thank you cards in the same fashion that you sent out the anniversary party invitations. Don’t leave anyone out. Enclose a picture of the two of you at the occasion as a special keepsake for family members and friends.

A beautiful event like this is rich in memories and priceless to everyone who knows and loves you. Congratulations on celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary – and cheers to many more to come!

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