Wine-Themed Invitations

While not all weddings are meant to be sophisticated affairs, if you want to take your event to that next level and you’re struggling to come up with the perfect wedding favors for your guests then consider choosing wine-related wedding favors. These are almost always popular with wedding guests and are more unique than some of the favor ideas you’ll find.

wine and grapesIn fact, if you love the idea of infusing your wedding with the wine theme, there are plenty of ways to do it. For example, instead of appetizers and cocktails at the start of your reception, why not have an elegant wine tasting event? You could even choose to be married in a vineyard. Of course, the easiest way to add a wine theme to your festivities is with your wedding invitations, such as these Wine and Cheese or Bridal Wine invitations.

Regardless of the other ways you can use the wine-theme in your celebration, here are some ideas for your wine wedding favors.

Wine Wedding Favors – Ideas

If you have a large enough budget or a small enough guest list, you could go all out and purchase each guest a miniature personalized bottle of wine. Diamond Hill Vineyards, for example, even allows you to put your photograph on the label. Each bottle of white wine is 187 mL and comes wrapped in protective cellophane. Depending on the quantity you order, you can receive discounts on the price per bottle.

Another idea is to purchase personalized wine glasses for all of your guests. is one site that offers these types of wedding favors. Theirs come in eight different styles. Prices start at just under $3 per glass, but you do need to pay a number of set up fees that aren’t included in the per unit price.

If you want something wine-related but a little more affordable, consider purchasing decorative bottle stoppers. These come in a wide variety of wedding-themed styles, including hearts and doves. For an idea of the styles available, you could look here.

Wine Wedding Favor Considerations

If you’re going to have younger guests, then you shouldn’t give them wine-related wedding favors. That would be inappropriate (and illegal if you’re giving out bottles of wine). Instead, consider personalized candies, decorated cookies, or other edible treats. If the children are young enough, you could give them activity books, markers, crayons, Playdoh, or other items that would keep them entertained during the reception.

If any of your guests have suffered from alcohol addictions, you may want to avoid passing out bottles of wine or wine stoppers. Another idea is to purchase bottles of non-alcoholic beverages. Specialty Etchings, for examples, offers both grape juice and alcoholic beverages in their customized bottles.

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