25th Wedding Anniversary

No 25th wedding anniversary would be complete without a momentous celebration on behalf of the happily married couple. As friends and family members gather around, the aging lovebirds look forward to the next quarter century of their lives together.

Planning your 25th anniversary party takes time, effort, and creativity – starting with the invitations. By ensuring that you are adhering to the appropriate wedding anniversary invitation etiquette, you will certainly inspire all of your guests to come celebrate your important milestone.

happy middle age coupleInvitation Etiquette – When to Send out Invitations

Based upon timeless etiquette, there is distinctly a right and a wrong way to plan a party. One of the foremost rules of etiquette is sending out the invitations within the appropriate timeframe. Minimally, the anniversary party invitations should be mailed out to all of your guests six weeks in advance. Should your anniversary party occur during a holiday or vacation season, then it is appropriate to send out “save the date” cards six months in advance, allowing your guests to plan for your party accordingly.

Which Types of Wedding Invitations are Appropriate?

With technology being the godsend that it is today, wouldn’t it be quicker and easier to send wedding anniversary invitations over the internet? Heaven’s no! Using email or e-invitations is impolite and impersonal. Sending traditional paper invitations is the appropriate idea – and your guests will appreciate receiving your lovely stationery in the mail as well.

The Appropriate Wording of Your Anniversary Invitations

Anniversary ChampagneYou can choose to send out either formal or informal wedding invitations, but considering that your 25th anniversary milestone is very special, you may want to consider using formal wedding invitations. The etiquette rules that apply for this type of anniversary wedding invitations are:

• Write the invitation details in the third person.

• Do not abbreviate your name or the details. For example, your street address should be spelled out as “Avenue” instead of “Ave.”

• Write in full-hand the days, dates, and times, instead of using numbers or abbreviations.

• You should not include any mentions of gifts on the invitation, as the presence of your friends and family is enough of a gift for your anniversary party.

An example of a formal anniversary invitation that is worded appropriately may be:
“Mr. Michael Jones and Mrs. Susan Jones request the pleasure of your company at their Twenty Fifth Anniversary celebration on Sunday, the third of June, at seven in the evening.” The name of the location and address can be listed in full hand thereafter.

If you will not be including formal RSVP cards with your invitation, write “R.s.v.p.” in the left hand lower corner, followed by the appropriate address or phone number.

Of course, some couples wish to host a casual 25th anniversary celebration, and thus, may choose to send out casual invitations. While most of the rules still hold true, you can be more casual with your wording, using abbreviations when appropriate. Nonetheless, regardless of which type of invitation you choose, proper grammar and politeness are always appropriate.

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