Fall Wedding Party

Although autumn is not a traditional time for weddings, it is a season for families to begin feeling closer and to prepare for the upcoming holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. While the summer months are often too hot for a very formal wedding, the cooler temperatures of autumn make an ideal setting. Plus, you can always mix buck tradition and have something a little more casual.

Autumn Invitations

If you are opting for a formal wedding, you won’t have a lot of choices for your invitations. You’ll need to stick with traditional options for your paper, ink, etc. However, you might want to choose an autumn color for your envelopes, possibly a chocolate brown or deep red, or use fall stamps from the post office when you mail them. You could also opt for ribbon colored like pumpkins or fall foliage as an accent to your invitations.

If you’re having a more casual ceremony, consider choosing more colorful papers. Oranges, reds, and dark browns are all good choices and bring to mind the colors of autumn. Images of pumpkins, wheat, trees with foliage turning colors, and other similar fall scenes are also appropriate either for the front of the invitations or for thepaper on which the invitation is printed.

Incidentally, if you are going to be having your wedding around Thanksgiving, you might want to send out save the date cards in advance so people can plan to attend your wedding.

Autumn Wedding Ideas

Since the weather is cooler in autumn, you’ll probably want to choose an indoor location for your ceremony unless you’re lucky enough to have mild weather all year long. Possible outdoor areas might be apple orchards or other locations full of fall foliage. If you don’t want to have the ceremony or reception outside but still want a view of the autumn beauty, choose locations with views of foliage from their windows.

If that’s not possible, you can always decorate the indoors so it has some of that outdoor feel. For example, you could use orange, brown, red, and yellow ribbon to make bows for the pews or use sheaves of wheat to decorate the entrance to the ceremony or reception site. You could also gather up a supply of pumpkins then carve them and add candles to them so they could light up your aisle or the tables at your reception.

Like spring, autumn’s more pleasant weather makes it ideal for almost any wedding dress. Don’t forget to invest in a shawl or wrap if you’re picking a sleeveless or off-the-shoulder dress. The same applies for the rest of your wedding party.

At your reception, you’ll want to serve heartier foods – those meals sometimes referred to as “comfort” foods – such as turkey or chicken, potatoes, etc. Mushroom dishes are also a good choice for fall, as are foods made from pumpkins and squashes. If you don’t want to use champagne for the toast, prepare mugs of apple cider for your guests to use instead. Carmel apples, decorated gourds, and bread pans holding recipes for pumpkin bread are all good choices for autumn-themed wedding favors as well.

Halloween Weddings

We can’t talk about autumn weddings without mentioning the idea of having a Halloween wedding. You could have your wedding at a traditional location but dress up like famous pairs of lovers, such as Anthony and Cleopatra or Romeo and Juliet. Make sure to invite your guests to dress up as well. Another idea might be having your wedding at a haunted house. Rent the place for a night and choose one of the spooky rooms inside to exchange vows in. Of course, your guests and attendants all have to go through the haunted house to reach the designated area.

If you like the Halloween theme, but don’t want to go that far then you can choose to use scary decorations. Rent a fog machine to give the aisle or the dance floor a spooky look. Purchase webbing material and place it over the pews, tables, chairs, and other surfaces. Decorate your wedding cake with icing spiders or use a headless bride and groom for the topper.

Remember that if you do choose something a little more frightening for your wedding, reflect that in your invitations. Look at Halloween party invitation styles instead of traditional wedding ones for some ideas or work with a graphic designer to create something as unique as your theme. You might choose a skull-shaped invitation, dark red ink, or black paper covered in red tissue for your invitations.

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