Having a Beer Party to Celebrate Summer

Summer time may be a great time for sitting by the pool, getting a tan, or having a picnic, but it can also be a good excuse for enjoying a few cold beers with your friends. Whether you’re celebrating a vacation, one of several summer holidays, the end of your spring semester in college, or opening day at the pool, there are plenty of great reasons to invite your friends over for a few beers during the summer.

Planning a Beer Party

beer party invitationWhen you hear the phrase “beer party” you might think of college age guys drinking directly from a keg and getting so drunk they pass out on the lawn, but that doesn’t have to be the type of summer beer party you throw. You could simply invite a few friends over to enjoy your pool, play basketball, watch ESPN or another favorite channel, or have a cookout. Of course, you’d definitely want to have plenty of cold beer available.

Another idea is to have a beer-tasting party. Today, there are literally hundreds of types of beer available for consumers. You can have domestic beers, imported beers, flavored beers, and any number of other choices. Some of these beers come from independent micro-breweries which specialize in creating new tastes. Check with some local bars or your yellow pages to see if you can track down such a place in your area. Some of these sites even offer beer sampling packs – small drinks of a few of their most popular beers.

Whether you want to drink or appreciate beer during your party, you’ll still need to start with a guest list and appropriate invitations. Obviously a beer party is not the place for recovering alcoholics or people who don’t approve of drinking. You should also not invite anyone under 21, including the children of your guests. Remember to pick invitations that match the theme of your party, such as Beer Nuts, Beer on Tap, and Beer Stein.

Other Ways to Enjoy Your Summer Beer Party

While drinking beer may be the main activity of your party, you could always throw in some additional activities. Playing trivia games, having sporting tournaments, or hosting an outdoor cooking competition are all good ideas. You could also watch movies or sports on television if you want to hide from the oppressive heat outside or hang out in the pool all afternoon.

The main idea of a summer beer party is to keep things simple and relaxed. You don’t want to push a bunch of activities on your guests. You do, however, want to have some food available to counter the intoxicating effects of the alcohol. Hot dogs, hamburgers, steaks, appetizers, or any type of finger food would make good choices for your event.

Safety is also an important issue. Make sure your guests are either going to be staying over for the night or have an alternative way to get home. If everyone lives nearby, perhaps one of the party hosts could be the designated driver for everyone or you could rent a party bus or limo to take everyone to and from the party. Nothing ruins a perfectly good party like a tragic early morning call from the police about a preventable accident.

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