Birthday Invitations with Special Chinese Fortune Cookie

What’s your fortune? If you know someone that loves fortune cookies, a great way to celebrate their birthday is with a special fortune cookie invitation. Right from the start, guests will know that the party you’re planning will be great fun.

The Fortune Cookie

Fortune cookieDid you know that the modern American fortune cookie may have originated in Japan? During the 19th century, a fortune cookie that is nearly identical to the ones that we enjoy today was created. However, fortune cookies (as most Americans know them) were first invented in San Francisco.

The first person to bake, shape, and wrap a fortune into a small vanilla cookie was Makoto Hagiwara. Hagiwara was a chef at the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco. To date, there have been a lot of other people claiming that they made the first fortune cookie, though these claims never really hold water.

Today, most of the fortune cookies that circulate within North America are made by machine, though the first ones were shaped entirely by hand…including the fortune itself. While there is no disputing the fact that American fortune cookies are somewhat modern, there is also a Chinese legend that includes this wondrous cookie.

Legend has it that a revolutionary member of Chinese society named Chu Yuan Chang hid the date of his proposed attack inside of a mooncake. Chang intended to send this mooncake to his comrades, though it was eventually confiscated. For many, this is where the idea for the cookie actually came from…though this story is often disputed.

Meaning of Each Fortune

Regardless of the cookie’s true origin, the meaning of the fortune inside the cookie is clear. As soon as a person opens up that cookie, their fate is revealed in the form of a small fortune. While some people take these fortunes seriously, others find that they are just a way to have a bit of fun.

Thus, basing an entire birthday party upon the fortune cookie is a great way to celebrate. Think about hiding fortunes in all types of birthday treats – you can even order a cake shaped like a fortune cookie for the guest of honor. No matter what you decide to do, these cookies will be popular with the birthday girl or boy, and all the guests that attend this celebration will love them too.

Since birthdays begin with invitations, the invitations that you send out for this “fortunate” event should also reflect that famous fortune cookie. Invitations that include a fortune cookie design are perfect for any birthday.

Fortunate Invites

Special fortune cookie invitations include a secret message that all of your guests will receive. This message can include words of wisdom, a simple birthday invite, or a clever poem – the choice is yours. Either way, these invitations will mark the start of a fun birthday affair.

Birthdays are meant to be full of whimsical games, foods, and drinks. What better way to start off any birthday than with an invitation that displays the legendary fortune cookie? Send out your special fortunes today for a birthday event that is sure to bring a lot of excitement.

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