Flower Theme Do’s and Do Not’s

Using flowers as the theme of your wedding, birthday party, anniversary, or other event is a wonderful idea. Flowers have a timeless beauty that captivates our senses with their look, their scent, even the way they feel. However, there are a few things you should do and you should avoid doing when it comes to using them as a theme. Following these guidelines will help you have a more successful event and will ensure that everyone appreciates the effort you took in planning a perfect floral theme.

Flower themeDo pick flower colors that match the rest of your decorations and/or your attire. Brides sometimes make the mistake of selecting flowers that appeal to them without looking at the bigger picture. Those purple pansies may look beautiful at the florist’s shop, but they may not look as beautiful when set against the other wedding colors. Remember that consistency is important in both your theme and your decorations.

Don’t place flowers near guests who have allergies. One of the risks you take of having flowers at your event is that some of your guests may be allergic to them and may end up suffering through the entire event. Of course, you may not know enough about all of your guests to predict who has allergies and who doesn’t, but do your best to find out. A good host doesn’t want any of his or her guests to be uncomfortable.

Do consider using silk flowers. If you’re having a party during the winter or if you want a type of flower that’s unavailable in your current season, then silk flowers can be an acceptable choice. High quality silk flowers can look very similar to the real thing, especially if you arrange them as if they were the real thing. Plus, they can be a nice alternative if you know many of your guests are allergic.

Don’t use cheap fake flowers. While silk flowers are a perfectly fine alternative to real flowers, those cheaper versions sometimes found in craft stores are not. They don’t look or feel anything like real flowers. You’d be better off choosing another theme altogether. Plus, they can be difficult to clean when they become dusty.

Do stick to only one or two flowers. Flowers are definitely beautiful, and it can be hard to narrow down your options to just one or two when there are so many to pick from. However, if you overwhelm your guests with too many varieties, then your theme will be lost and you’ll have a much harder time achieving consistency in your decorations.

Don’t pick certain flower colors. Just as flowers have their own symbolism, so do their colors. You may want to think about these meanings when you’re choosing the color scheme for your flowers and your party. Yellow flowers, for example, are often associated with unfaithfulness or cowardice but they can mean success (because yellow is similar to the color of gold). Light blue sometimes can be calming, but the flowers tend to suggest anxiety. White is the color of purity. Orange is the color of joy. And lilac – both the color and the flower – stand for sincere, unselfish love.

Do choose invitations that match your theme. If you’re choosing a floral theme, then you need floral invitations. Here are some examples of what might work for your event.

Hopefully, these guidelines will be an asset to you as you begin planning your floral themed party.

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