Tropical Party Invitations

Invite friends to the Tropics

Anytime of the year is a great time to go to the tropics. Winter is an especially popular time to visit the warmer climates. Why not get plan a nice tropical party and invite some friends over?

tropical partyInvitations

There are a plethora of tropical invitations to choose from that denotes the paradise scene one might imagine. Invite your guests to wear Hawaiian print shirts, Bermuda shorts and Flip Flops, assuring them that regardless of the temperature outside, your home will be plenty warm enough for beachwear. Look for tropical stationary with palm trees and beach scenes on them. If you are going to recreate a particular tropical destination, you can put that on the invitation.

Greeting your invited guests

When you hear the word tropics, what do you automatically think of? Palm trees, ocean breeze, pounding surf, and white sand beaches? Your guests will be thrilled when they arrive at the party and feel as though they have just stepped off a plane in a tropical paradise location. Greet each guest with leis, easily purchased in most party shops. If you are doing a Luau theme, you could provide some guests with grass skirts to wear.


Party supply stores are a great place to find decorations that will aid you in recreating the tropics scene. Tissue paper and inflatable palm trees are always a good choice to put around the room. Twinkle lights, candles and torches add instant ambiance. (If you are hosting the party inside, put torches in buckets of sand or potting soil to safely hold them steady) Pool shops and department stores carry white play sand. Put down a tarp and pour bags of sand on it to create a beach. The sound of water is always welcome at the beach. This can be created with tabletop fountains and/or sound CD’s. Gather beach towels, inflatable pool toys and plastic sand pails and put them throughout your space. Invite your guests to bring sand chairs if they have them. Finally, add shells throughout your party area. If you do not have a collection of shells, party supply shops carry them by the bagful. You have created a tiny piece of the tropics, and your guests will love this party!


tropical beach sceneThere is an endless list of possibilities of tropical food and drinks that you can provide to your guests. Whole pineapples and coconuts are great table decorations, which can later be cut and served to the guests. Drinks can be served in plastic coconut shells, or fancy stemware, or in a basic glass with an umbrella on it. There are excellent websites that offer recipes specific to the tropics and for luaus, which will be sure to please each guest that you have invited.


Your guests will enjoy sitting by the “beach” and sipping on tropical drinks. If space allows, you could also do a beach volleyball game using an inflatable beach ball (careful of candles getting tipped over). You can purchase limbo music and a stick for a nominal amount of money, which always makes for a fun beach party activity.

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