Lily Invitations for Your Garden Party

Is there anything more celebratory than the first days of spring? Why not welcome spring back with a fabulous garden party? There are many ways to usher in those spring breezes, though every springtime party begins with the perfect invitations. A small soiree decorated with flair will entice guests and create a fresh new start to another great spring season.

LilyGorgeous Garden Parties

Selecting the right time of day for your garden party is crucial. Essentially, there are two times that will work perfectly for these events: evening and afternoon. Some people choose to host these parties during the early morning hours, but this works best only if you have overnight guests.

Afternoon garden parties can include lots of flowers floating in crystal vases, pretty place settings tied up with bows, and finger foods that will please the palette. Contrastingly, evening garden parties should be full of small twinkling lights, plenty of sophisticated fare, and lots of delicate dinnerware.

Of course, planning a springtime garden party can be tricky due to the weather…you never know what Mother Nature may throw your way on any given spring day. This is precisely why arranging your party well in advance is a smart idea.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

April showers may bring those May flowers, but the weather can wreak havoc upon any spring day…even if you plan your party during the month of May. To avoid this kind of party disaster, make sure that you have a backup plan.

You may decide to rent some sort of tent covering, or you could set up a table on a porch just in case it does rain. Guests will be able to float in and out of any weather covering if it doesn’t rain, but if it does…nobody will go home soaking wet.

All guests will love the idea of a spring garden party. Still, it’s a good idea to notify guests well in advance. To do this, send out like-themed invitations. Invites that include lovely lilies are a great way to really start your garden party off on the right foot.

The Lovely Lily

The springtime air is filled with the scent of the lily. Lilies of all colors are abundant during the spring, so why not send out invites that showcase this dainty little bud? Floral invitations that feature pink, orange, yellow, and green lilies are bound to put a spring in all of your guests’ steps.

Send your garden party invites out at least three weeks in advance – your guests will appreciate the early notice. Also, consider asking each guest to bring something to your party to make the entire event collaboratively festive (you can add a little note on each invitation).

Once your guests view these happy springtime invites, they will be filled with the hope and joy that only those spring breezes can bring. Plan your garden party the way that you imagine spring should look, and your guests will adore every last moment of your hard work.

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