Father’s Day Party Theme

Fathers DayThough you don’t need a particular day to express your love and affection for your loving father, Father’s Day is certainly a special occasion when you can celebrate his presence in your life. Father’s Day is supposed to have first been celebrated in the early 1900s and is celebrated on the third Sunday in June. It is not merely another holiday and holds emotional value. It offers a unique opportunity to children to reflect on the invaluable role fathers have in shaping their character. In addition to honoring fathers, the occasion is also expanded to offer homage to grandfathers, foster fathers, uncles and any man considered a father figure by the child.

A lot of enthusiasm, energy and preparation are part of the celebration of fatherhood. Different people plan it in different ways, depending upon their choice of style. It is not always necessary to involve a lot of fanfare into the occasion and it can be celebrated in a simple way. Though planning an event is considered to be time consuming, but giving the charge to an event planner is not a good idea, as Father’s Day celebration is a very personal event. Moreover, no other person can work better than you, to celebrate the presence of your father. While planning the event always decide on the invitations to be sent to your guests before booking a venue or in case you are planning the event at home, consider the size of the place. Always send invitations to people at least a week ahead of the occasion. You can either make or get the invitation cards from the market or call them up personally.

By far, one of the most interesting ways of celebrating the special day is identifying decorations that can highlight your father’s personality, hobbies and special style such as the way he talks, walks, laughs, scolds and teaches. You can decorate the venue with bright, subtle and joyous colors. If possible, try to pick your dad’s favorite colors and items to decorate the party venue. For instance, if your dad likes cars or nourishes a hobby of working on cars or engineering things, then you can decorate it with mini toy cars.

Many people also celebrate it by going for picnics, organizing get-togethers or special dinner parties. By far, hamburgers, hot dogs and barbeque are some of the popular foods at a Father’s Day party, especially if hosted outdoors. You can also serve lobster, lamb chops or steak. However, the food menu also depends upon the weather. Gifts form a very special part of the occasion and therefore, they should be as special as the occasion. Depending on your father’s choice, you can buy him a watch, tie or perfume. Besides these traditional gifts, you can also try buying some fine jewelry such as a bracelet or a ring or jewelry like a gold or silver watch or a sterling silver or gold chain. You can even gift a pendant along with the chain. In case you wish to opt for a ring, then you should go in for a gold or silver ring with a turquoise, onyx or lapis. Many men are also fond of diamonds, so considering your father’s choice you can think of buying him a diamond-studded ring as well. No matter what gifts you buy for your loving father make sure that the effort is honest and brings a smile on your father’s face, brightening up his life.

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