A Party Idea for the Guys: Golf Theme

If you’ve ever had to plan a party for a guy, you know that it’s a real challenge. Most party themes are just more appropriate for parties for women – maybe because men just don’t get that excited over a themed party. If the man of honor at your party is a golf lover then here are some ideas for throwing him an amazing party.

Golf Invitations

Golf partyNo great golf party can start without fun golf invitationsGolfing Tea Length Invitations are one of our most popular golf-themed designs. Two other options would be the Golf Green Invitations or the Golf Ball Invitations. What’s nice about these choices is that if you’re having a birthday party for him you can also have the creativity to print his age right in the center of the golf balls.

Golf Party Planning

Before you can print the invitations, you’ll need to choose a location for the event. The most obvious choice is at a golf course. If you can rent a country club or party house near the course that would be ideal. Of course, that means you’ll also want to give guests time to play a round of golf on the course so plan the party accordingly. Consider having a separate tee time and party time on your invitations so guests who don’t plan to play can show up in time for the refreshments and gifts.

For refreshments, have a birthday cake designed either in the shape of a golf ball or to replicate part of a golf course. Make sure you have plenty of non-alcoholic drink options available for your guests, particularly the ones returning from playing. Alcohol may make a party lively but it won’t quench your thirst after an activity.

In terms of decorations, you can be as creative as you want. Some party stores may sell specific golf-themed items or you can create your own decorations with golf tees and balls. For example, you could take shallow clear dishes, fill them with sand, and add colorful golf balls. Another idea is to string golf tees together and use them in place of streamers.

If a round of golf isn’t enough entertainment for your party, you could have a golf trivia game or a trivia game about the guest of honor. You might even want to award a prize for the best score in the golf game. For prizes, gift certificates to golf or sporting good stores or for golf courses would be great choices.

The bottom line is to make sure the guest of honor is having a good time by enjoying his two favorite things in the world: his friends and his golf.

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