Affordable Wedding Invitation Solutions

Weddings are definitely big ticket events. The average cost today is around the same price as a new car or a decent down payment on a new home. Plus, more couples are footing the bill on their own without much assistance from their families. For all these reasons, you’ll probably be looking for ways to keep your expenses lower without sacrificing the quality of your wedding. Here are some ideas.

Copper Branches Wedding Invitation KitWedding Invitation Kits

One important part of your wedding planning is choosing the stationery. Usually, you’ll be buying a number of different, coordinating pieces. Those pieces can include thank you cards, response cards, save the date cards, programs, and more. All of those individual cards add up. The average couple spends at least $1,000 on their wedding stationery.

The good news is you don’t have to. Wedding invitation kits are a smart solution if you’re on a budget and want to spend more money elsewhere – maybe on your dress or cake, for example. The kits include several sizes of wedding invitation elements with matching envelopes. All of the pieces are blank but work in standard printers so you create exactly what you want at home (another great way to save money!).

The costs of the invitation kits do vary depending on what is included. For example, the cost of the Embossed Triple Pearl on White kit is $33.95 but that includes 50 invitations and note cards both with matching envelopes. On the other hand, the Brown Swirl Folder Wedding Invitation Kit includes 25 invitations, 25 brown lined ivory envelopes, 25 note cards, and 25 ivory envelopes for $29.95.

Those are only two examples of available kits. You may be surprised at how many beautiful options are available and at how affordable they are.

Other Ways to Save Money

Of course, your wedding invitations are just one place where you can save money on your wedding. Another good way to cut your costs is simply by shopping around. Experienced wedding planners will tell you that prices vary dramatically from one vendor to another. You could end up saving hundreds of dollars just by getting multiple quotes from different vendors and using those quotes to negotiate a better price.

Another way to save money is by avoiding traditional wedding vendors. For example instead of spending hundreds of dollars to have your wedding cake baked at an exclusive bakery hire a retired baker to do the work for you. You’ll find many professionals who now work in a freelance capacity who can provide incredible service at a more reasonable cost.

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