Invitations to Match Your Backyard Flower Garden

Whether you’re having a corporate event, a private party for friends, or a large birthday celebration for your 16 year old daughter, your backyard could be the perfect location for something wonderful. However, all great parties – no matter their purpose – begin with the right theme. And that’s where your backyard garden can become a huge asset.

Imagine how much money you can save on the party or invest in additional refreshments or improved entertainment if you can use your own garden as the perfect decorations.

peoniesEven if you don’t already have a garden yet, if you know a few tips you can have a beautiful garden in no time, even if you haven’t been blessed with a naturally “green thumb.” Of course, different flowers require different growing tips. So let’s look specifically at how to grow one of the most versatile and beautiful flowers possible: the rose.

How to Grow Roses

First, you need to know when to start planting your rose garden. The nice thing about roses is you don’t have an incredibly narrow window of opportunity for planting. Instead, you can plant them in either the spring or fall – as soon as you can begin working the soil easily you can begin planting roses.

Second, you need to select a good location for your rose garden. One of the key elements is sunshine. To grow healthy, your roses should have access to at least six hours of strong sunshine. Of course, you also need to keep your roses watered, especially when the weather starts warming up. Make sure once you have chosen a spot for your rose garden that you enrich the soil with manure or compost so your roses will have plenty of nutrients.

Before you start planting, you need to keep the roots of the roses moist. If you let them dry out, then your roses are unlikely to grow well. You should also make sure to dig a deep enough hole for the roots. In warm climates, 2 inches is a good depth. In colder climates, you should go lower – four to six inches is recommended. Make sure to separate your roses enough that the roses can spread out.

Roses as a Party Theme

If you’re throwing a Sweet 16 party, you might want to choose pink roses. Otherwise, consider a mixture of vibrant colors – yellows, whites, oranges, even reds will make your garden come alive at your next party. Plus, you’ll have plenty of colors to tie into your other decorations.

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