Happy Birthday Greeting Card Etiquette: What to Write

Birthdays are special days and should be recognized by family and friends with a unique, personalized birthday greeting card. What better way to show someone you care then to send a greeting card offering warm birthday wishes?

Sending Happy Birthday Cards

Birthday Greeting CardHappy birthday greeting cards should be mailed a week prior to the recipient’s birthday unless the person lives overseas, in which case the card should be mailed two weeks early. This allows enough time for the card to reach its destination, especially if there is a mix-up and it is accidentally rerouted.

If you do happen to overlook a birthday, especially one that occurs during the first week of a month, then mail it as quickly as possible after your remember. If you haven’t yet bought the card, you might consider a belated birthday greeting card.

Happy Birthday Cards: Beyond Your Signature

Whether you remember to send the birthday card ahead of time or it arrives a bit late, nothing will disappoint the recipient more than receiving a card with just your signature. This applies to sentimental and humorous birthday cards. Even if your sentimental card features a thoughtful, lengthy message, if you only sign your name, the card will lose much of its meaning. This also applies to a funny birthday card. Even if you found the most hilarious card that perfectly describes a running joke you and the recipient share, if you simply sign your name at the bottom, it will deflate the inherent message and the card will lose its appeal.

How to Write a Happy Birthday Message

You don’t have to write several paragraphs or perfect prose inside the birthday card, but you should write something besides your name. If you know the person well and the card is humorous, then continue the joke in your message. Be careful joking about a person’s age unless you know for a fact the joke will be appreciated. Always wish the recipient a happy birthday and let him know you’re thinking about him and hope his birthday is one to remember.

If you have a history with the recipient, particularly an older person, you might include a few key memories you’ve shared as a way to recognize that person’s contribution to your life. These memories can be funny, especially if your card is lighthearted, or more serious and retrospective to complement a sentimental birthday card. They could also be nostalgic and remember the “good old days.”

If the birthday card will be late, mention this in your message. You might write “I’m sorry for the belated birthday card. I was thinking about you on your special day, but I just didn’t get this mailed in time to reach you.” As long as your message is sincere, the recipient will understand.

It only takes a few minutes to personalize a birthday card for someone special in your life. Your message doesn’t have to be perfect, but it should be heartfelt and offer sincere wishes for the happiest of birthdays.

Happy Birthday Greeting Card Etiquette: What to Write

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