Housewarming Party

The purchase of a new home is something to be celebrated. It is one of those times that people anticipate that there will be a party, and it is rare that a surprise party is actually a surprise! It is appropriate that the homeowner plan their housewarming party. Give yourself at least two weeks, if not a month after moving in, to get settled and prepare for your first party.

Housewarming PartyWho to invite

Family, friends, co-workers and neighbors are all welcome at open houses that are marking the beginning of your life in your new home. Send festive invitation cards to each person inviting them to come celebrate this event with you. Be sure to let them know that it will also be an opportunity to visit with other guests that they may not have seen for some time. Give clear directions to your new home, and phone numbers that they can call if they get lost on the way.

Preparing for your housewarming

Use your entire property for the party! Look at each area as an opportunity to make it warm and inviting for your guests. Remember that this is the first of many times that guests will be in your home. If they feel welcome this time, they will come back. Take care to have an eye for detail when preparing your home for a housewarming party. Put comfortable chairs and cushions throughout the inside and the outside of your home. Light candles and strands of twinkle lights, as well as lamps. Keep the overhead lights down low.

Everyone will want a tour of the house. Assign family members to greet small groups of guests, take coats, get them a drink and take them on a tour. It is appropriate to skip opening closet and cupboard doors, as well as other storage areas. The point is to have the interior of the room void of clutter. If you have children, be sure that they have their rooms picked up and beds made. Other children will want to play in the new room. If there are special toys that your children don’t want others playing with specific toys, it is ok to put them on higher shelves or in a closet during the party.


Use all of your best party platters and dishes during your housewarming party! You can also put out a mix and match of stemware and whimsical coffee cups for guests to drink out of. Serve all of your favorite party foods, since there is no proper etiquette or typical foods at an event like this. It is your party, you have a new home, and it should be a lavish celebration!

Conversation pieces

If you have collections of items, display them in groupings for your guests to enjoy. It could be movies, photos, a collection of books or music, a musical instrument, houseplants, or outdoor gardens that become conversation starters. If you find two guests who have similar interests, introduce them to each other and excuse yourself to go greet more guests. Your guests will leave your party with a clear impression, both from your home and the food/drinks that you have served!

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