Modern Flower Invitations for Your Modern Party

If “out with the old and in with the new” is your mantra, a modern party might be just the thing for you. There are many reasons to throw any kind of party – all you need is a good idea and an occasion. Whether you are hosting a housewarming or simply inviting your friends over for a cocktail party, your modern party starts with a few contemporary details that will impress all types of guests.

Beautiful Yellow Dahlia InvitationsMore Modern

Gone are the days of finger sandwiches and mini-gherkins. Today’s modern parties include creativity and sophistication in even their party munchies. Since you are planning a modern party, consider some out of the ordinary foods. Instead of cheese and crackers, serve grilled Thai chicken satay. Forget quiches, but instead opt for chees and truffle phyllo triangles. Red wine becomes modern through Spanish inspirations; serve Sangria, which is a fruit, triple sec, and brandy infused red wine that can be customized based upon each season’s fresh fruit.

If food is not your forte, hire a caterer that knows all about contemporary food trends. As soon as the food is out of your hands, you can then start to concentrate on other party details, such as music. What is modern music? Well, that depends upon the kind of crowd that you will be inviting.

While some people may appreciate a good mix of contemporary dance music, others might like something a bit softer. The solution? Mix it up. Include ambiance music with modern jazz. Hire entertainers (or create a good music mix) that features an assortment of invigorating, yet sophisticated music.

A Modern Guest List

What do you do if you want to throw a modern party, but your guests are less than hip? While you don’t want to exclude any friends, you don’t want to make those classic-types feel uncomfortable either. The best way to solve this dilemma is to get the word out about your party theme from the start.

Those that aren’t at ease with modernity will usually try and come up with a way to avoid this type of gathering. The best way to spread the word about your party is to talk to a lot of friends, and try to get a feel for those that would like to take part in your event.

Also, sending out modern invites is a great way to show off your intentions. Of course, finding those invitations that showcase a modern theme might be difficult. Luckily, there are a few that fit the bill rather nicely. Out of all the invites out there, you might want to consider a few that represent a twist upon a classic theme.

Flowers – Classic or Modern?

While some people might view a flowered motif as being rather classic, others find that flowers can be incredibly contemporary. Many great modern art pieces features flowers that have been revamped. Likewise, party invitations that feature an interesting flower design are great for any modern soiree.

What could be more modern than a graphic flower surrounded by bright red berries? In fact, you can plan your whole party theme around these colors – imagine a black and red gathering that glitters into the night.

Once your guests open these invites, they will know all about your intended theme right away. A modern party is a great way to showcase your love for all things contemporary, and the best part is that any occasion worth celebrating will create a fine party atmosphere.

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