Girl’s Party Invitations

Age to age, the theme is “Let’s Get Together”

Regardless of how old girls are, time with girlfriends is important. Younger girls have friends over for a sleepover. Tweens and teens invite friends over for the afternoon or to an “all-nighter”. Young adults go out for an evening of dancing and partying. Older women still get together with their girlfriends, often for afternoon tea or coffee. Other choices are for ladies to get together for a night of watching movies or going out to dinner. Are there girlfriends that you haven’t seen in awhile? Why don’t you invite them for a get together?

Girls Night PartyWho to invite

If you are having an intimate gathering of girls or women, be sure to think carefully about who is coming, and how the mix will work. Be careful not to invite a tomboy to a spa day, for example. Chances are, she will not enjoy the event. Invite her the next time instead, when you are planning a hike. Ladies, do not invite a single friend over if you intend to spend the time chatting about your husband’s and children. Chances are, she will not enjoy herself and will leave feeling very lonely. As a rule, keep the numbers under a half a dozen, for the best time. More than that will limit the opportunity for people to really connect.


Girls Nights do not require elegant invitations. Whimsical invitations are plentiful, and can easily depict the intent of the party. If the activity will be to watch movies, look for invitations that have old fashioned movie projectors on it. Children’s invitations can be selected with pictures of pools, TV’s, nail polish, and CD’s on them. Be sure to include, on the invitation, any suggested personal items to bring (brushes, jewelry, dress up clothes, a favorite movie).


Girl’s definitely like food. If you are going out, the hardest decision will be which restaurant to eat in. If the party will be at your home, you will need to shop. For anyone under the age of 18, simply go to the grocery store and shop the inner aisles, for every type of junk food that you can load into your cart. Don’t forget the cheese sticks and pizza bites in the frozen food section. If the invited guests are over the age of 18, shop the outside aisles of the grocery store. There, you will find wonderful cheeses, fresh fruits and pre-cut veggies. Add a chocolate fountain for dipping the fruit, and put on the coffee or teapot, or pop open a bottle of wine!


The great thing about having a girl’s party is that you really don’t need to decorate, if the primary purpose is just to get together. If the motive of inviting friends for a get together is to celebrate a birthday or have a formal tea, then do the décor accordingly. Etiquette says that a girl’s time is really about conversation, and nothing else needs to be added. Comfortable living room furniture, mattresses on the floor (for sleepovers) or your kitchen table are all that you need.

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