Green Wedding Invitations For Spring Weddings

While the weather may be getting colder and snow flakes may be just around the corner, spring isn’t far away and if you’re planning a spring wedding then now is the time to start making your wedding invitation choices.

A great theme for spring weddings, particularly in March or April, is the color green. Remember spring is the time when trees start budding and flower blooms begin to pop up from the ground. It’s also when you can start seeing those lovely blades of grass as they peek out from the frigid layer of melting snow. Green is, of course, the color of all these special moments.

Spring Wedding InvitationsGreen Themed Wedding Invitations

As with any theme, you want the invitations to be a reflection of that theme. The good news is that you have a number of invitation choices available. One of my favorites is the Green Ivy cards. They shade of green used on the cards is particularly lovely and the look of the cards is very elegant.

Another common look for green wedding invitations is to combine rich green colors with flowers or butterflies. The Butterflies and Flowers invitations have a light blue background with accents of green, pink flowers, white flowers, and yellow butterflies. If you want floral accents but a stronger green color, then the Daisies Modern Marble Green or the Floral String Green Invitations would be good choices.

Adding Green to Your Wedding

If you want to add green to your wedding, then a good time to start hunting for decorations is Christmas or St. Patrick’s Day. Because green is such a popular element in the decorations of both holidays, you’ll have good luck finding table cloths, linens, jewelry, and other elements. You might even be able to find strings of green lights.

The nice thing about the color green is that you can find fun ways to incorporate the color into your event. For example, if you’re serving alcohol at your reception, why not serve green beer? If you want a nice touch of green on your wedding cake, consider having a mint-flavored cake. Ask your baker about adding a little food coloring to the icing, the cake batter, or the filling so it will match your theme.

If you want to add a little touch of green to your bridal wardrobe, consider choosing a green sash around your gown or adding some green bows to your hair. Green bow ties also look nice on the male members of your wedding party.

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