Decorations For A Western Themed Wedding

Cake toppers have a long history, dating back to the 1900’s. Still in vogue today, a cake topper can serve to tie your wedding cake into the whole of your decorative schematic. When planning a Western Wedding, and especially if you have sent out Western Wedding Invitations, a cake topper is a great way to add one more thematic element to your wedding reception.

Cowboy boots and ropeThe choice of a cake topper is an important one. Every couple must choose a topper and think about if they’re after something serious or silly? Customized or generic? And in the case of your Western Wedding, how to find a cake topper to match your themed wedding invitations? Beyond the traditional cake topper featuring a bride and groom in their formal attire, you have the choice of also choosing a cowboy-cowgirl themed topper.

The best place to purchase your cake topper is probably on the Internet. Numerous sites offer great options for making your wedding cake the most unique piece of pastry your guests have ever seen. Playful positions and western attire may be just what you want in your cake topper. But instead of just buying a topper straight from a website and setting it atop your cake, let’s think of ways you might also personalize whichever topper you choose.

Your wedding, your topper

Depending on the color scheme of your Western Wedding Invitations, you may also want to look for cake toppers featuring cowgirls and cowboys wearing specific colors. Did your invitation feature yellow tumbleweed, bluebonnets, or red plaid? Maybe one of those colors could also be featured in your topper.

Will you be wearing any special Western inspired formal wear? Maybe your topper could too. Do you and your cowboy like cowboy boots, but only brown ones? A touch of brown paint will customize any cake topper, which lacks those special details that will set apart your cake topper from the rest. In choosing a cake topper for your Western Wedding, talk with your partner about what you want your topper to convey. It can serve as a centerpiece to your delicious cake, and also a representation of the bride and groom. Depending on the tone of your reception, and the personalities of the couples in general, the topper could take on a number of variations.

Showing off your topper

Be sure to display your cake during the reception so that everyone can enjoy your topper, which ultimately is an example of your great attention to detail. In the rush of planning, sometimes we forget to set aside time to show off the fruits of our labor. If you are seeking a suitable cowboy and cowgirl topper, it will be great fun once you find it, to have it on display before the cake gets cut. Especially if the topper has special touches—whether it be matching colors, hand-painted detail, or just a resemblance to the bride and groom—your guests will take pleasure in seeing it.

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