Bed & Bath Bridal Shower Invitations

Hostesses who are looking for an interesting theme for a bridal shower may want to consider a bed and bath theme. These two rooms in the home should be the most luxurious and relaxing, but they are also often the most neglected when it comes to gifts. Choosing this theme opens up a wide variety of gift, party, and invitation choices.

Bed and Bath Shower Planning

luxury bath itemsAlthough most showers can be co-ed, if your theme is bed and bath then it might be better to have an all female party. If your guests are especially gutsy, you could have everyone dress up in their favorite pajamas and you could serve standard sleepover foods, such as pizza, cookies, and potato chips. For games, you could play a grow-up version of truth or dare or you can answer trivia questions about the bride.

If you want something a little more traditional, then there are other ways to work in the theme. For example, you could decorate the tables with sheets instead of tablecloths and use pillow cases on the backs of the chairs. You could use romantic candles as centerpieces. For other decorations, consider decorating the tables with small glass bowls filled with crystals and decorative soaps. You could also empty out shampoo bottles, fill them with colored water, and place fake or real flowers in them for centerpieces. The bottles could also be used as weights for helium balloons.

For games, the guests could have to guess what brands of toiletries the bride uses or might have to peek in your bathroom then memorize everything they saw. Another idea is to have guests make a list of items that might be found in a bedroom or a bathroom, but all of the items must start with either the first letter of the bride’s name or her soon-to-be last name. The longest list wins a prize. As wedding favors, you could give away lovely candles, small bottles of wine or champagne, or gift baskets filled with bath oils, miniature soaps, and bath salts. As game prizes, you might choose a gift certificate to a bath or bed specialty shop in an amount you feel is appropriate.

When it comes to gifts, there are plenty of options available. From sheet sets to monogrammed towels to scented candles to lingerie, there are plenty of choices for guests to choose from. In fact, they may need some guidance. If the bride knows about the shower, you may want her to register for gifts ahead of time so you can include that information with the bridal shower invitations.

Bed and Bath Theme Invitations

As with other themes, the bed and bath concept needs to be incorporated into the invitations. You can find pre-made bridal shower invitations that reflect this theme online and perhaps in larger stationery stores. However, you can also make your own using heavy card stock paper. Try to make the cards as luxurious as possible. Use rich, vibrant colors – maybe the same colors the couple has used to decorate their bedroom and bathroom. If you want to add details to the cards, choose silk ribbons or pieces of lace. Consider spraying the invitations with a perfume, maybe the bride’s perfume.

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