Around the House Bridal Shower Invitations

Wedding shower themes can range from the funny to the practical. The around the house theme is very practical but also kind of fun. Basically, the hostess makes a list of all the homes in the bride and groom‘s home (or future house) then assigns one of the rooms to each guest. For example, one guest may be assigned the kitchen while another may get the family room. This room assignment should guide the guests’ gift buying, plus the theme is carried over into other parts of the shower.

Around The HouseAround the House Party

With an around the house party, almost everything should reflect a different room in the home. For starters, you might choose one room in the house to hold the shower, perhaps the family room. The decorations might come from the kitchen. For example, you could purchase affordable measuring cups, fill them with colorful rocks and silk flowers then use them as decorations. If you want to give away shower favors, you might choose to focus on the bathroom and give away small soaps – these can either be purchased at specialty stores or made yourself at home.

No shower party is complete without games and these can also reflect your around the house theme. A scavenger hunt that forces guests to go through your entire home looking for items is one idea. You could also purchase home decorating magazines, then break the guests up into small groups and assign each of them a room. They have to go through the magazines and cut out pictures in order to create a collage of a beautiful examples of that room. Then the bride can judge which is the best. You could also play shower prize bingo. Each bingo column could be a different one of the assigned rooms and instead of numbers you could list potential gifts. As the bride opens the gifts, the guests mark their bingo cards appropriately until there is a winner.

Around the House InvitationAround the House Shower Invitations

As with wedding invitations, the themes should be incorporated into the bridal shower invitations. Some online invitation stores actually sell invitations created around this particular theme, but you aren’t limited to choosing pre-made invitations.

Because this is a casual party, the bridal shower invitations can also be casual. The hostess can simply make her own invitations. If she can find pictures or images representing the different rooms of the house, she could create different bridal shower invitations for each room she is assigning. That way guests will know just by looking at the invitation what room they’ve been assigned. Other ideas might include using alphabet stencils and card stock paper to write the name of the room. Then cut out the different letters and include them in the invitation so guests have to piece together the letters to learn what room they have been assigned.

Finally, if the bride and groom already have a color pattern in the assigned rooms, then this should be mentioned in the invitation so guests can pick appropriately colored gifts.

Shown on the left is our most popular around-the-house invitation, 3 Squares House Orange, which is available in seven different color variations.

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