Thanksgiving Wedding

Thanksgiving WeddingA good rule of thumb for most brides is to avoid having your wedding around a major holiday. Most people, except your immediate family, have their holiday schedules all booked up well in advance and won’t necessarily be able to make changes to attend your big event. Thanksgiving, however, is another matter altogether.

Good Reasons to Have a Thanksgiving Wedding

Well, maybe you don’t want your wedding on Thanksgiving but the following Friday would be a great choice. Here are some reasons:

Your family will already be in town – instead of asking grandma and grandpa to make the trip to your home a couple of times you can save them a trip and give them a good reason to extend their visit.

Most of your guests will already have the day off – Friday weddings are usually unpopular because most of your guests will either be working during the day or will be too tired from work to have a good time at your wedding. Since the Friday after Thanksgiving is usually a holiday for workers, you won’t have to contend with those problems.

You can have an extended vacation – If you’re going on a honeymoon right after the wedding, then you’ll be able to enjoy an even longer vacation because your time off will start on the day before your wedding. Plus, you’ll have that time to finish your last minute wedding planning.

Of course, you may have a few drawbacks. Some vendors may not be keen on cutting their holiday short to help with your wedding, and you do have to watch how much turkey you eat if you want your dress to fit the next day. Otherwise, it’s a great choice.

Thanksgiving Wedding Invitations

Thanksgiving WeddingThe great news is that finding the perfect wedding invitations for the event won’t be too difficult either. You can simply use invitations designed for Thanksgiving gatherings. Fall Cascade Invitations, for example, which blend all of the beautiful autumn colors together (many of which you may be using in your wedding) might be a good invitation choice. A simpler invitation which also shows off those warm fall hues might be Autumn Leaves. If you want something a little more elegant without straying too far from that autumn feel, you might consider Tapestry Gold Invitations, too.

Just remember if you’re throwing a Thanksgiving wedding, you might not want to carry that theme into your catering choices. By your reception, most of your guests may be sick of eating turkey!

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