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Weddings are wonderful events but they aren’t the only big celebration awaiting you. Don’t forget the fun and the presents of your bridal shower. Whether you’re trying to give your own maid of honor some great ideas or you’re looking for some answers as you plan a bridal shower for someone close to you, you’ll find all of the information you need in our compilation of useful articles.

Bridal Shower BrideNeed help choosing a bridal shower theme? That’s one of the issues that really give party hostesses problems normally. Then don’t look any further. We have articles on a wide variety of possible themes and how you can use those themes effectively in your party planning. Once you’ve settled on a theme, you might have time to catch your breath and reflect on the history of bridal showers ‘ you might something that will surprise you!

You’ll also find articles on bridal shower etiquette, including who to invite and when to throw the event. Of course, if you’re also working on the bachelorette party, we have articles that will help you with those efforts as well.

Brides and grooms might also want to drop by and read the articles about what each of them can expect from the other’s respective bachelor and bachelorette parties. That might help ease some of the nervousness and tension you’re feeling about those celebrations.

Besides bridal showers and other pre-wedding events, you’ll also find a number of interesting articles, including information about some common wedding superstitions and how to choose the best day for your wedding.

If you have questions about planning pre-wedding parties or you’re looking for some entertaining and informative wedding reading, then you’ll find plenty to satisfy your needs with these articles.General Rules of Bridal Shower Invitations

Tradition always dictated how bridal shower invitations looked and who would be responsible for them. Today, the rules have relaxed, and bridal shower invitations are no longer ruled by tradition.

Who Hosts and Plans the Bridal Shower?

Who Hosts and Plans the Bridal ShowerTraditionally, bridal showers are hosted by the maid of honor, often with help from the bridal party. Tradition also dictates that the bride and her family couldn’t host the bridal shower because it would seem to expect gifts. Today, these rules act more as guidelines. For instance, it is perfectly acceptable to hold the bridal shower at the bride’s home or the home of a family member, especially if the home is well-suited for parties.

An example where the maid of honor would not host the bridal shower would be if she resides in Arizona and the bride lives in Florida. Although the maid of honor could still be involved in certain planning aspects, she should not be expected to fly across the country to plan and attend the bridal shower. Brides often marry fairly young, so it makes sense for a more established family member or close friend to offer her home for the shower, although the planning can still be left mostly to the bridal party.

Who Chooses the Bridal Shower Invitations?

Who Chooses the Bridal Shower InvitationsWho selects the bridal shower invitations depends on the type of bridal shower being given. If the shower will be a surprise, then the host(s) should choose bridal shower invitations that most suit the bride’s personality and color preferences, as well as coordinate with the theme.

Most often, bridal shower invitations are chosen by the host, although input from the bride is fine. If there will be a theme, such as a luau bridal shower, or a special location, such as a bridal tea, this important element should be reflected in the bridal shower invitations.

When to Send Bridal Shower Invitations

When to Send Bridal Shower Invitations

Once bridal shower invitations and a theme have been chosen, it’s time to select a date and time. It is wise to informally circulate one or two possible dates that already work for the bride to key guests. This helps prevent a poorly attended bridal shower and a disappointed bride.

Once a date is chosen, the bridal shower invitations should be mailed three to four weeks prior to the event. This gives recipients time to RSVP and possibly reschedule any conflicts. The host should always mail the invitations and be the point of contact for guests. The bride’s participation should end with theme, date, and bridal shower invitation approval.

Bridal Shower Invitation Tips and Ideas

Bridal Shower Luncheon

It is important, no matter how casual or formal the bridal shower will be, to include certain details on the bridal shower invitations. The name of the bride should be featured on the bridal shower invitation, either in the title or on the first line. Then make sure to include the date, time, location with a map or directions, and RSVP information. Optional information could describe the theme and proper attire (theme-related or otherwise).

Following these bridal shower invitation guidelines will make planning the shower easier and allow you to tailor this special event to the specific circumstances surrounding a special bride.

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