Is Your Wedding Invitation the Place for a Company Logo?

In today’s fast-paced world, both grooms and brides are often climbing their way to the tops of their careers. For some couples, their careers may be such a huge part of their lives that almost everything else takes a backseat. These couples may wonder if they can include their company’s logo on their wedding invitations.

Having business logos on stationery is a long tradition. Almost every company has their own letterhead they use to send out correspondence to clients and vendors so those individuals know immediately the materials are coming from a professional, reputable source.

It’s not unusual to include company logos on thank you cards or on business event invitations either. Anything that is associated specifically with the company should be branded with its unique logo.

The Answer is (Usually) No to Company Logos

However, your wedding may not be one of those things. No matter how caught up you are in your professions your wedding is one day when business should take a backseat to your personal lives. This day is about the two of you not about your company, your clients, or your business partners.

Instead of including a company logo on your wedding invitations, make those invitations a reflection of your personality or your relationship outside of work. If you don’t have any interests beyond your careers and one another, consider just going with a color theme. In fact, if you really want to pay homage to your company, consider using the same color scheme they do in their branding.

Additionally, you could incorporate flowers, seashells, rings, wedding bells, or similar items into your invitations instead of your company logo.

When Company Logos May Be Acceptable

While company logos are generally not appropriate even if most of your guest list includes people you work with or for, there are a few occasions when the option might be worth considering. For example, if you and your future spouse own a small business together, then you might want to include your company logo on your invitations because it really is a reflection of your relationship and not of a third party employer.

You might also consider adding a company logo to your invitations if your business involves creating stationery and you want your invitations to double as an advertisement. After all, many people choose their own wedding vendors based on who their family and friends have already used. Plus, your invitations would be a great sample and part of your wedding costs could be written off as a business expense.

The company logo may also be an acceptable addition to your invitations if the business is owned and operated by the family. For example if Paris Hilton ever tied the knot, her family could easily include the Hilton logo on her wedding invitations because that business is so closely connected to who she and her family are.

Generally, however, no matter how important your career is and no matter how much you want to show your devotion to the company, business logos really don’t belong on wedding invitations. At least not until corporate sponsors start covering part of your wedding expenses.

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