Chocolate Wedding Invitations to Match Your Chocolate Wedding Favors

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Well, there may be a few people out there who aren’t crazy over this scrumptious concoction, but most women and men definitely have a weakness for this tasty treat. Plus, the latest news is that a little dark chocolate can be good for your health.

Why are we talking about chocolate so much? Well, because chocolate is a wonderful choice for your wedding favors. For one, you can choose chocolates that match your budget. You can spend a little or a lot. Plus, you can even carry that chocolate theme through other parts of your wedding, including your cake and even your invitations. Imagine sending out decadent invitations such as the Celebration Jacket, Celebration Pocket, and Keepsake Jacket.

chocolate by Nevit Dilmen

image credit: Nevit Dilmen

Regardless of why you want to choose chocolate, here are some ideas for some tasty and lovely chocolate wedding favors.

Chocolate Wedding Favors: Do-It-Yourself Ideas

Take a trip to your local cooking shop and you’ll probably find a large selection of candy molds, even some that would be perfect for either a traditional wedding theme or something more unique (palm trees or fish for a beach wedding, for example). The molds are inexpensive and can be reused to match multiple batches. Purchase some chocolate chips or bars of chocolate to melt and pour into the molds. Freeze them solid. Right before your wedding, place a few of the chocolates in a decorative bag and tie with a ribbon for a perfect party favor.

Similarly, you can make chocolate lollipops using the same method. The only difference is that you’ll want to choose special molds that have a place for the stick. For best results, pour the melted chocolate over the stick into the mold then freeze.

Chocolate Wedding Favors: For a Bigger Budget

chocolate weddingIf you want chocolate wedding favors, but you don’t want to be responsible for putting the treats together, then you can find a number of ways to achieve your goal. For starters, you could have personalized M & M’s as your wedding favors. If you go to their M & M’s Custom Print site, you can choose from 21 different colors and up to two messages on your candies. Then you can select the appropriate packaging and quantity needed, including elegant bags, mini goblets, and more. For 100 of the cheapest bags, the cost is $399. That’s not a bad price for wedding favors.

Dove chocolates now provide a similar service. At their site, you can choose different size boxes, add a personalized message, and pick the color of your wrapping. For 100 of the 3-piece box, the cost would be $799.

For something a little more affordable, consider purchasing personalized Hershey bars. Some examples of the available choices can be viewed here. Prices are less than $2 per bar.

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