The Importance of Map/Direction Cards as Wedding Stationery

Part of being a good host is making things convenient for your guests. When you invite people to your wedding, you are taking on the position of host and should want to do everything possible to make things easy on the people attending, including helping them find the locations. For this reason, you should never under estimate the importance of maps or direction cards for your invitations.

General PurposeWedding Direction Cards

Basically, the maps and/or the direction cards provide an easy way for you to help your guests know exactly how to reach your ceremony and reception site. In fact, you should include directions on how to reach each site if both events are not being held at the same location and if the sites are a fairly good distance apart.

Some couples may argue that maps aren’t necessary because everyone invited lives in the area and knows their way around, but that’s making an assumption. Even people who have lived their entire lives in the same city may not be familiar with the location of every church or reception hall. Nothing is worse for guests’ moods than getting lost on their way to the wedding or reception and having unhappy guests can dampen the fun of your entire event. You certainly don’t want that.

Include Maps to Your Wedding Invitations

Once you decide to include maps or direction cards with your invitations, you need to decide how to create the content. All of your guests are going to be coming from different places and unless you want to create an individual map for each guest, you’re going to have to decide on one or two central locations from which to start the directions. A common idea may be to give directions from the airport, from one of the main highways in the town, or from a central attraction well known to your guests such as the zoo or the museum. You might also want to give directions for guests coming from two different directions. For example, you might say “If you are coming from the west side, take Highway X and turn off on the Main Street off ramp . . .” and “If you are coming from the east side, go down X Street . . . “ Those types of directions are likely to be useful for all of your guests.

Wedding Direction CardsIf everyone invited to reception is also invited to the ceremony, then those directions should start at the ceremony location.

If you’re trying to decide whether to use maps or direction cards, direction cards are often the better choice because they appear a little more classy and are often more useful than maps. You can use Google or Yahoo maps to determine the directions, then write them out yourself using a readable font which matches the rest of your stationery. Then either take those directions to your printer along with the rest of your invitation content or print them off yourself at home on matching cardstock paper.

Include Your Phone Number to Your Wedding Invitations

You may also want to consider including the phone number for the ceremony location or for someone in your family’s cell phones so anyone who does get lost even with the directions can call for guidance on the day of the wedding. Remember making sure all of your guests can easily find your wedding is just one part of being a gracious host.

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