What Does a Whimsical Wedding Invitation Look Like?

Whimsical Wedding InvitesA row of stationery sits in the corner of a store without notice. The cards are ordinary enough to serve a purpose, but not extraordinary enough to attract anyone’s attention. They lack personality, which is precisely what most brides seek when purchasing wedding invitations announcing their big day.

A modern bride wants every detail of her occasion to be a magical. She wants whimsical wedding invitations. When loosely defined, she is looking for cards that not only appeal to her guests, but also make her infinitely happy.

Definitions of happiness vary from one bride to another, but one way to make your wedding whimsical is by choosing a unique theme. A theme gives you and your fiancé an opportunity to share your interests with friends and family in a creative way. It is the one day in your life that you can make all your dreams come true – starting with beautiful, whimsical wedding invitations.

Start with Choosing a Whimsical Theme

By determining a theme prior to announcing the event, the bride and groom can eliminate indecisiveness surrounding shopping for wedding invitations. With a clear picture in their minds, the happy couple can tie in certain elements of the theme with the wedding invitations that they choose.

For example, every storybook wedding deserves a royal, whimsical wedding invitation. By selecting gold embossed, glitter encrusted wedding invitations, the couple sets the ambiance and tone for their upcoming special day. Guests will know to expect magic and wonder at the wedding, and they may even imagine swan in love and horse drawn carriages!

The following list highlights some of the most popular wedding invitation themes that can be quite whimsical:

  • A White Wedding. Tradition is the underlying motivation, but white weddings can certainly be magical. White wedding invitations turn whimsical with sprinklings of glitter and embossed spiral calligraphy.
  • A Modern Wedding. Big, bold colors and patterns make the cards very appealing, and using unique colors makes for whimsical wedding invitations.
  • A Beach Wedding. Designed to match or resemble water, whimsical wedding invitations that exude paradise set a gorgeous ambiance for your guests. You can use tiny seashells to adorn these spectacular cards, or incorporate the colors of the teal waters of Tahiti to transport your guests to paradise.
  • A Fairy Tale Wedding. Elegant in every way, these whimsical wedding invitations can range in shade, but they exude royalty and elegance. Glittered monograms can add a beautiful touch to fairy tale wedding invitations.

Whimsical wedding invitations are limitless in selection. Couples can choose graphics that feature flowers, birds, people, travel destination spots, sports teams, and more. Depending on the personality of those involved, the cards can be covered in lace, vellum, or tiny embellishments. They can fold from the top, along the side, combine an envelope and card in one, or be sent as a postcard.

Whimsical wedding invitations give couples the opportunity to share their personality with their guests, setting the tone for the special day where they say, “I do!”

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