Your First Birthday Invitations Gone Wild

First birthday invitations don’t have to be calm, sedate and completely designed for babies. Instead, consider spicing up your first birthday invitations with a wild theme that features a variety of colorful jungle animals, a single wild animal, or the wild, wild west for first birthday invitations that have truly gone wild!

First Birthday Invitation Ideas Featuring Wild Animals

boy feeding deerA great first birthday invitation theme is a jungle theme that features wild animals in bright colors on the invitation. Little children love animals, and many either know or are learning their animal sounds, so seeing first birthday invitations with wild animals will stimulate their imaginations. These first birthday invitations aren’t designed to be scary; rather the wild animals are typically brightly colored and incorporate a lot of primary colors so that these first birthday invitations must get noticed.

If your child has a favorite animal, such as a monkey, elephant or lion, then you might choose wild first birthday invitations that feature this animal as the star of this invitation. Wild animal or jungle themes are fun for kids and adults because it is easily carried on to the birthday party as a fun theme.

You can set the table with a bright tablecloth filled with jungle animals, including monkeys swinging from vines over lions playing below while colorful jungle birds fly around. You can purchase plates and cups that feature a jungle theme as well so the kids can examine these while you get a jungle cake ready to cut. For a fun activity, provide crayons and paper, and have the kids draw their favorite wild animal to take home after the party.

boy at the rodeoWild West First Birthday Invitation Ideas

Another wild first birthday invitation theme option is the wild west. This theme is also fun for both parents and kids, especially if you’re planning a combination birthday party and cook-out for everyone to enjoy. First birthday invitations with a wild west theme could feature a child dressed in western gear, complete with spurs and a ten-gallon hat or feature a colorful border filled with cowboy boots, lassos and cacti. You could ask guests to dress for the west or gather a box of western props that include spurs, cowboy hats, bandanas and rope tied like a lasso for guests to accessorize.

The kids can enjoy pretending to by cowboys and cowgirls, and if possible, set up a sandbox and provide toys that evoke the spirit of the wild west, such as toy horses. Regular sandbox toys like pails and shovels will also be enjoyed while the adults mingle. The birthday cake could be shaped like a cowboy hat or feature a wild west scene “painted on” by a professional cake maker.

Whether you choose the wild west or wild animals to liven up your first birthday invitations, your child’s first birthday will be remembered by the adults as a clever and fun birthday, and the kids will have a great time going wild that afternoon.

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