Writing First Birthday Thank You Cards

Even though a one-year old child won’t be able to write first birthday thank you cards or even verbally thank guests for birthday gifts, it’s still important for parents to write first birthday thank you cards in response to gifts received. Parents represent their children, and when the children are too young to write thank you cards, then the parents must take responsibility for etiquette.

Choosing Fun First Birthday Thank You Cards

Be prepared before your child’s first birthday party by choosing first birthday thank you cards ahead of time so that you’ll be ready to write once the party is over. Also, choosing first birthday thank you cards that match your first birthday invitations is a great way to both eliminate the hassle of choosing thank you cards separately and will remind recipients of the event. Many first birthday invitations will offer corresponding thank you cards for this reason.

Don’t be discouraged if you find the perfect first birthday invitations only to discover that no corresponding first birthday thank you cards are offered with them. Instead, focus on a theme or element of the invitations that you could repeat in first birthday thank you cards.

For example, if you choose first birthday invitations with a rubber ducky floating in a tub, you could find first birthday thank you cards that depict a yellow duck or a child peeking out of a bathtub to evoke the essence of the invitation theme.

Composing Simple First Birthday Thank You Cards

Don’t let a stack of unwritten first birthday thank you card intimidate you. Instead, remember that thank you cards aren’t meant to be long-winded, but should be succinct and sincere. These rules also apply to parents writing first birthday thank you cards for gifts received. The main difference, when writing on behalf of a child, is to make sure and write in a style that conveys appreciation from you and shows that your child enjoys the gift. For example:

Castle Kids Thank You CardDear June,

Thank you for giving Thomas a set of blocks with the letters of the alphabet on them. He is already having a ball stacking them and knocking them down, and in a few years, he will be able to use them to spell his name. We appreciate the thought you put into his gift and enjoyed visiting with you at the party.

Warm Regards,
Megan, Joe and Thomas

You don’t have to sign your child’s name, although many parents choose to add it in because most recipients are family or friends who will enjoy it. As long as you mention the specific gift and then add that your child either enjoys playing with it or looks great wearing it for clothing items, then your thank you card can be complete. If you recently saw the recipient, at the birthday party for instance, mentioning this is also a good idea.

As long as your first birthday thank you cards are succinct yet specific, recipients will enjoy reading them and feel special that you, the parents, took time to write a heartfelt thank you card in response to their gift.

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