Incorporating Culture Into First Birthday Invitations

It’s wonderful that many people from different cultural backgrounds live in North America and have brought their customs and traditions along to the U.S. Celebrate your child’s cultural heritage by incorporating these symbols and values into his or her first birthday invitations.

Sending first birthday invitations that highlight your culture is the perfect way to introduce it to those unfamiliar and welcome those from your own background.

Fiesta Chevron InvitationsCreative Ways to Include Culture in First Birthday Invitations

Incorporating culture into first birthday invitations can be as simple as choosing first birthday invitations that feature a symbol, color scheme or language that represents your cultural heritage. If you want your first birthday invitations to still appeal to children, you can choose a fun first birthday invitation and include a cultural reference in the invitation wording.

For example, if there is a particular phrase or a traditional sentiment, consider including it on your first birthday invitations, either in your native language (if not English) with a translation or with a short explanation as to its meaning. If you plan to invite a mixed group that includes friends who don’t share your cultural background, you might consider printing a bi-fold first birthday invitation that features the invitation wording in English on the right and your native language on the left.

If you want to incorporate culture more subtly, then consider choosing first birthday invitations that use a symbol, motif or pattern that is representative of your culture. This is a great way to highlight your cultural background without overwhelming the invitation. There are many invitations that offer colorful culture-specific decorations, ensuring that you can find one that suits your heritage and child.

Little Luau InvitationsTips and Ideas for Choosing Cultural First Birthday Invitations

If you want to subtly acknowledge your background or just want to include a culture that you find fascinating in your first birthday invitations, you could choose a cultural symbol and make it your invitation and party theme.

For example, if you have an Irish background, you could choose a simple green theme or carry it further and choose lucky shamrocks or kid-friendly leprechauns for a fun first birthday invitation theme and an even more fun party theme!

If you have an Indian background and want to highlight this heritage at your baby’s first birthday party, you could send first birthday invitations with a vibrantly patterned border in gold and red. Then have a few extra saris at the party for children to dress up in who don’t normally have access to one. This is a great way to introduce your culture to those unfamiliar, and the kids will enjoy “dressing up” in colorful and traditional Indian clothing.

First birthday invitations are still meant to invite recipients to celebrate a child’s first birthday. Make sure that your intentions are clearly stated in the invitation wording so that recipients will be excited for a new cultural experience and will definitely comprehend that it’s a birthday celebration.

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