First Birthday Invitations Wording Etiquette

Once you’ve chosen the perfect first birthday invitations to celebrate your child’s milestone birthday, you’ll need to choose your wording. There aren’t too many etiquette rules to adhere to as there are for wording wedding invitations, for example, but there are a few to understand that will ensure your first birthday invitations are clear and error-free.

First Birthday Invitations Wording Should be Simple and Informative

child pointing leftAll invitations have a purpose, and that is generally to invite guests to celebrate an event at a specific time and place and often for a specific person. First birthday invitations are no different and should include certain key information pieces in order to be complete and correspond with invitation etiquette.

First birthday invitations should not only list the child’s name, but also that the invitation is for a first birthday celebration. Often, parents choose first birthday invitation themes that clearly show that this invitation is for a child turning one, in which case the child’s name becomes important. Also, the parents’ names (or the host’s name) should be listed, along with the address of the party location, whether this party will take place in the home or at an alternate venue. The time and date must also be clearly stated to avoid any confusion. It helps to name the day with the date, such as “Saturday, April 12, 2010” instead of just “April 12, 2010.”

RSVP information should be provided, but this is optional. You don’t have to ask your guests to respond, although it’s usually most helpful to at least ask those unable to attend to respond by printing “regrets only.” You can list just a phone number or add an email address as well, although you shouldn’t just list email because this isn’t the easiest solution for everyone. Many people still prefer picking up the telephone.

First Birthday Invitations Wording Extras

child typingOnce you have the basic, required information on the first birthday invitation, you can add extra pizzazz you feel is necessary. For example, if the first birthday party will have a theme that requires guest participation, such as asking little girls to dress up like a princess or little boys to dress like superheroes, etiquette asks that you include this on the first birthday invitation. The only reason not to is if you plan to provide all the necessary props, although for one-year olds, it might be easiest to have their parents dress them prior to the party.

You could also add a short verse or poem that relates to a first birthday or to your child on the first birthday invitation, but should avoid anything too wordy that it overwhelms the other information. You should not include gift requests or mention gifts in any way, unless you’re requesting “no gifts” and just want people to come and celebrate.

Following these simple wording etiquette guidelines for first birthday invitations will make sure that recipients won’t call you with questions when you omit the date. Instead, recipients can focus on the prospect of attending a fun first birthday party!

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