Ideas for a Fun and Creative First Birthday Party

First birthday parties are as much for the parents as they are to celebrate the child’s first birthday. In general, most children won’t be able to actually recall their first birthday party, but this is no reason to opt out of hosting a fun and creative first birthday party. After all, it’s your job as the parent to create, document and then regale your child with tales of this amazing first birthday party!

birthday balloonsPrimary Colors Rule First Birthday Parties!

Young kids are best able to see and respond to primary colors, so use these cheerful hues to create a bright backdrop for an amazing first birthday party. If you’re hosting it inside, fill a section of the room with balloons in shades of primary colors because it not only makes a bold statement, but will amaze the children who attend the party. These balloons also make a great photo opportunity. Put a blue balloon in your child’s hand and photograph him against a backdrop of many balloons will be a keeper for sure!

You could also set up a coloring table and let the kids create a self-portrait using only primary colors that they can take home and show off. Decorate with an array of primary colors or choose one that your child particularly likes and then accent with others.

For example, if your child really responds to red, use red plates with yellow polka dots, yellow cups and red napkins. Decorate the birthday cake using white icing with red, green and blue stripes or rosettes but write the “happy birthday” message in red icing.

Kids Love Cute and Cuddly First Birthday Parties

If your child is attached to a teddy bear, consider making this your first birthday party theme. You can purchase enough small teddy bears to accommodate each child coming to the birthday party so each child will have a cute and cuddly bear to hold during the party and take home later.

If your party is for a little girl, you could host a tea and let the bears in on the fun. Choose bear-shaped snacks like animal crackers to serve at the tea along with fruit juice in the tea cups. The birthday cake could also be shaped like a teddy bear to finish off this fun theme.

smiling childAnother great way to feature cute and cuddly animals is to have a farm theme. Either organize the party at your local petting zoo or just set up a farm in your own backyard or basement. You can decorate with small hay bales and even spread hay in one area of the yard and place various stuffed farm animals for the kids to pet and play with. You can have fun finding out which child knows the most animal sounds and sing songs like “Old MacDonald.” Fill a metal tub with water and place near the hay with rubber ducks so the kids get a fun farm experience.

Planning a first birthday party can be as simple as taking an interest of your child’s and extrapolating it into a fun theme that turns the first birthday party into a colorful, cuddly day of fun!

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