Popular First Birthday Party

If you’re like most parents, when it comes to celebrating your child’s first birthday, you want to include a fun theme to help give the party direction and make it more fun and memorable. The best way to introduce a first birthday party theme is to incorporate it into your first birthday invitations.

baby boyPopular First Birthday Invitations Themes for Boys

Although times change, people rarely do, and this holds true for the things that all little boys seem to enjoy. Popular first birthday invitations themes include airplanes, trains, race cars and dump trucks. Basically, if it has an engine, boys like them. Usually these first birthday invitations feature bright, primary colors, such as cheerful blue, red and yellow.

Little boys at this age also really enjoy animals and farms, making the baby animal theme or a farm theme high on the list for first birthday invitation themes. Although most one-year olds aren’t playing basketball yet, sports-themed first birthday invitations are popular, and the boys still enjoy playing and learning.

Popular First Birthday Invitations Themes for Girls

Little girls are also fairly predictable in their likes and dislikes, and many of the popular first birthday invitation themes include color schemes filled with shades of pink and purple. Princess themes and fairy princess themes are still at the top of the list when it comes to popular first birthday invitations for girls. Some first birthday invitations are even die-cut and shaped like a fairy princess.

Other popular first birthday invitation themes include baby animals in feminine colors like pink baby elephants. Little girls also enjoy first birthday invitations featuring their favorite Disney characters, like Cinderella, Minnie Mouse and the Little Mermaid.

baby-girlPopular First Birthday Invitations Themes for Any Child

If you want to stay away from gender specific themes and just have a first birthday party that still incorporates a popular theme but is suitable for very young children, you might choose first birthday invitations with a birthday cake or ice cream cone theme. These popular birthday party food items are also popular on first birthday invitations. You might even choose a first birthday invitation shaped like a cupcake with one large candle glowing on top to signal a first birthday worth celebrating.

Also steadily popular first birthday invitation themes are Winnie the Pooh and Baby Einstein. Many first birthday invitations focus on “my first birthday” as the inherent theme and complement this with bright, cheerful colors and a party-ready decorating scheme, such as confetti bursting in the background.

Choosing one of these popular first birthday invitations themes might be a difficult choice or you might immediately know which theme is right for your child. Whatever the case, remember that you will keep these first birthday invitations for a long time, so choose ones that will bring a smile to your face.

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