Baby’s First Birthday | Memories to Last a Lifetime

Your baby’s first birthday is quite the milestone event. While they will never remember the first year of their life, you will never forget the sleepless nights, the cutest facial expressions and the worry you felt every time they made a new sound you hadn’t heard before!

First birthday keepsakes are a great way for you to treasure your memories of this special day. They can also be sent home with party guests as favors to remind them in the years to come of the fun they shared with you on baby’s very first birthday.

Keepsakes should be durable and well preserved to keep them in great condition through the coming years. Try making a few of these special keepsakes at the birthday party or in your spare time:

Photographs are perhaps the most common keepsake of all, but special care must be taken to keep them sharp and clean in storage or on display. Back up your digital photos on a memory stick or CD in case your computer crashes.

Keep your printed photos in plastic containers to protect them from dust and moisture. Don’t store them in the garage, where they might be exposed to harmful gases. Instead, put them away in a closet where room temperature and humidity levels don’t fluctuate much.

Black and white photos last longer than color, so consider having some of your prints reprinted in black and white. When scrapbooking, choose acid and lignin-free mounting papers so the photos do not become brittle.

Posters and framed poems are an elegant and beautiful keepsake. While many companies sell these items, they can be handmade and personalized. Handwrite a special poem on textured or printed acid-free paper, writing Baby’s name in cursive letters or calligraphy at the top. Mount, frame and display in your home.

A First-Year Keepsake Box is a special gift for your child later in life. Place small items from Baby’s first year in the box (usually a small decorative box with a lock) and have each party guest write a special note for Baby.

Plaster casts are another easy to make keepsake guaranteed to endure for years with proper storage. Buy a kit and work together with Baby’s other parent to immortalize the shape of their tiny feet forever!

A hand-print certificate is a cute way to remember those tiny fingers. On your computer, make a single page document with Baby’s name at the top and a special poem written down the middle of the page. Leave enough room on either side for you to make a finger-paint handprint of each of Baby’s hands. Mount and frame to show off to all of your guests!

This is also a great game to play at Baby’s first birthday party. Print a copy of the poem with each child’s name at the top of the page. Have all children in attendance stamp their hands on their poster and send them home as favors for their parents!

Whether you order keepsakes or handcraft them yourself, take the time to create long lasting reminders of your baby’s first birthday… you only get one chance!

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