What to Wear on Your Graduation Day

graduation girlFor 12 (in some cases more) seemingly never-ending years, you obediently went through the schoolyard quarrels, your first boy-girl party, your first date, the Prom, and now finally what you’ve always been waiting for – your Graduation day! This time you’re going to be wearing an outfit that your parents will finally approve of – a gown and a cap.

However, your work as a proud graduate is still not complete. You now have to decide upon what to wear under that graduation gown. The graduation gown has very less ‘breathing’ space, the only other outfit that ‘breathes’ less than it is probably a space suit! There is nothing worse than watching a sweaty, squishy graduate walking across the stage. So, think twice before you wear those heavy fabrics. Go for light, cooler, airy fabrics like linen and cotton, unless your school has specific rules concerning dressing etiquette.

Graduation AttireIf you are a girl graduate, make sure that you wear something that is elegant and chic, like a simple dress or a skirt and a blouse. Remember, what you wear underneath your gown should be in a lighter color if your graduation gown is white or yellow. On the other hand, if you are a young man, you may need to wear a tie depending on the customs of your school. If so, then this is the best time to borrow that foulard or rep tie from Dad, which can be worn with a neatly ironed shirt in blue, white, or any other pale color. Go for a button down or a spread collar, both look perfectly elegant. If dress trousers aren’t your style, then you can opt for olive drabs or neatly pressed khakis. However, wearing jeans or shorts is taking it too far!

Ironically, the only part of a graduate that is visible to the audience would be the footwear. Girls should opt for fairly dressy shoes, like pumps or flats. Boys should go for wearing dress shoes or loafers. Remember, your graduation ceremony is not the place for you to come wearing sandals, flip-flops, bunny slippers or even tennis shoes!

Once you are satisfied of your well-groomed look, it is now important to send invitations to all those that you would like to watch you march across the stage. Who would you like to send the announcements to? Although they were traditionally never viewed as a request for gifts, graduation announcements have now become associated with forced gift presenting. They should only be distributed to close friends and family members, unless you add a note to it that clearly says ‘No gifts please’.

It is the same with graduation invitations, which are different from announcements only in that they also include a request for attending the ceremony. So, it is wise to think carefully about whom you would like to invite for your graduation ceremony. It is best to invite close friends and family for your ceremony. This of course means that you will have at least one spectacular graduation party where you can invite all those people who helped you endure the last 12 seemingly nightmarish years of your life.

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