Wedding Planning: Dealing with Wedding Stress

Dealing with Wedding StressWhile a wedding is an incredible and wonderful day, those weeks and months leading up to that phenomenal experience can be full of stress and tension. Sure, stress can be healthy when it makes you give it your all but when it just keeps reminding you about everything you have to accomplish and how little time you have left then it can be disastrous for your health. And the last thing any bride wants is to feel and look sick, exhausted, and tense on her special day.

To prevent that from happening, take some time for yourself. Here are some ideas.

Coping with Wedding Stress: A Few Ideas

You can’t let the stress get to you while you’re planning your wedding. In fact, this may be a good time to take up meditation or other relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing. One idea is to choose a special word that always relaxes you, such as chocolate or birds or flowers. When the stress starts getting too intense, close your eyes and repeat that word silently over and over again. Focus all of your mental energy on that word and the feelings it generates in you. Before you know it, you’ll be feeling better.

If you want something more immediate, then do something to treat yourself. Take yourself out for your favorite meal. Spend an evening relaxing with your favorite movie, a good book, or even some crayons and a coloring book – you’d be amazed at how relaxing this childhood activity really is.

Wedding Stress Relief at the Spa

spa suppliesOf course, you can also take your wedding stress relief one step further: go to the spa. You can choose to go alone or with your entire bridal party. In fact, you could even take your groom-to-be along for the trip – remember he’s probably feeling a little stressed as well.

One of the best treatments is a hot stone massage. The warmed stones are placed on key areas of the body – their weight and warmth can work to ease the tension in your muscles. Meanwhile, the massage therapist can work on the other areas and give you a deep massage. The combination of these two pleasurable feelings can have amazing results on your body.

Facials are another good idea. While facials can do wonders for your skin and can make you look magnificent on your wedding day, they can also be very relaxing and soothing. Combine a good facial with a manicure and maybe a seaweed treatment to give yourself a truly wonderful, stress-free feeling.

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