Most Popular and Common Bridal Shower Decorations

If you’re planning a bridal shower, then you’ll soon discover that you need decorations to help set the stage for a special afternoon. You might even discover that many of the most common bridal shower decorations are items in your own home, which is especially useful for a host on a budget.

Most Common Bridal Shower Decorations for the Table

Bridal Shower Decorations


Bridal showers always involve food, whether you serve appetizers and dessert or a full meal, so table decorations are always used. The most common bridal shower table decorations include a tablecloth and either a main centerpiece or several smaller centerpieces across the table. The type of tablecloth usually depends on how casual or formal the event is. For instance, an outdoor bridal shower luncheon might feature a casual cotton tablecloth in a colorful floral pattern, while a formal bridal shower tea might use crisp white linens.

The centerpiece is often as simple as an arrangement of flowers in a vase. A formal shower could feature an arrangement of roses, calla lilies and baby’s breath in an elegant crystal or silver vase, while a casual shower might feature a colorful array of daisies, violets and lily of the valley in ceramic vase or a water pitcher.

If the bridal shower is themed, a kitchen theme for instance, the centerpiece could be a ceramic bowl filled with fresh fruit instead of flowers and the tablecloth might feature a vintage kitchen pattern. An around the clock bridal shower could have an antique clock as the centerpiece on a tray with greenery surrounding it, and the tablecloth might feature “ticking” stripes in shades of pink.

Most Common Bridal Shower Decorations for the Room

Bridal Shower Decorations


Many hosts create a banner that is hung over the entrance to the bridal shower, both to mark the house for guests and as a keepsake for the bride. Or the banner could be hung across the food table facing an opening so that guests and the bride see it when entering the room.

A guestbook or a colorful memory board that ties in with the chosen theme or color scheme is also handy because it helps the bride remember everyone who attended. A guestbook can also be used while opening gifts to note each gift beside the guest’s name.

Often, the bride’s seat will be decorated according to the theme as well. A lingerie bridal shower might have the chair of honor decorated with lace and sport a sexy negligee attached to the back for her to take home. A kitchen bridal shower might feature a chef’s hat fastened to the back of the chair and a garland of recipe cards strung below. A general bridal shower might drape the chair with crepe paper in white and a pastel color like pink and have a tiara on the chair for the bride to wear during the bridal shower.

The most common bridal shower decorations can come from party stores, your own home or be collected from various places as you find items that correspond with the bridal shower theme. As long as you stay consistent with your color scheme, then your bridal shower is sure to look fantastic!

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