Most Beautiful Bridal Shower Invitations

If you love getting creative and want to send beautiful and unique bridal shower invitations, consider choosing blank, printable bridal shower invitations and creating your own bridal shower cartoon photo invitations. It’s simple to do, even for those less than tech-savvy, and the result looks amazing.

Creating a New You With a Few Clicks

blank cardstockWith today’s advanced photo editing software that comes with most digital cameras, it’s easy to play around with editing your photos and adding fun effects or changing the look. All it takes is a click of the mouse, and the software automatically changes your photo. You can then accept or reject the change. If your photo editing software is basic and doesn’t include fun effects, such as changing your photo to sepia, black and white, or turning it into a cartoon, then you can go online and accomplish this just as easily.

For example, if you have Kodak EasyShare software on your computer, their editing tools give you the option to create a cartoon-like image using any photo you choose. Simply choose “fun effects” from the editing menu and click on “cartoon” or “coloring book” to try out these effects, which can also be layered for an even more unique look.

Turning your photo into a cartoon won’t necessarily look childish, but can enhance your portrait to look sketched, painted, colored with crayons or a combination. Your cartoon can be in vivid colors or black and white, and the background can be highlighted to have your face stand out more. Whatever final effects you select, printing it onto blank bridal shower invitation paper is the perfect way to announce a fun, modern and light-hearted bridal shower and showcase your creativity.

Online Resources for Converting Your Photo to a Cartoon

designing on computerIf you either don’t have photo editing software or your current software doesn’t offer the cartoon effect, it’s easy to go online and perform this service for free through various websites. For example, you can visit Kusocartoon and simply upload your photo in jpg, bmp or png file formats. Photos must be 500k or smaller, so super-high resolution photos won’t work here. This site offers 6 different cartoon styles from general to fantasy, comic to crayon, and even a vampire cartoon style (this just makes the subject a bit darker than the background for a sultrier look). This website is a good option for playing around with various cartoon-like effects to get the right look for your bridal shower invitations.

Another helpful resource is About Online Tips, which details 18 different sites that offer to turn your uploaded photo into a cartoon image for free. Many of these sites are designed for those who want to create avatars for online profiles, but the sheer variety offered here, with examples for each site, makes choosing your perfect cartoon-like effects easy. Some sites even let you add text bubbles so you can create your own comic strip or simply add a text bubble inviting guests to a fun bridal shower.

Once you play around with the various cartoon effect options, you’ll be able to visualize how unique and beautiful your bridal shower invitations will be. You will also be assured that no other bride will have one like it!

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