Unique Wedding Invitations with Keepsakes

Wedding Invitation KeepsakesCouples want their weddings to be something special. No one wants to throw a wedding that’s just like someone else’s. That’s why unique wedding invitations are so important to most brides and grooms. However, unique wedding invitations can also be an important part of your keepsakes and your wedding scrapbook.

What Makes an Invitation Unique?

That’s an important question when you’re shopping for wedding stationery. Obviously, the invitations should stand out and should be eye-catching. It should leave an impression on you and make you want to keep coming back to take another look.

Unique wedding invitations should also be different in shape or style from more traditional types of invitations. For example, the standard formal invitation is a simple rectangle in ivory, off-white, or a similar color. If you want something unique then you’ll want to avoid those characteristics.

Here are some examples of unique wedding invitations to give you an idea of what could work for your celebration. The Fall leaves invitation would be ideal for an autumn wedding. They are square shaped, light brown in color, and covered in images of leaves. A green ribbon finishes off the card’s unique look. A similarly shaped card that would work well for a red-themed wedding is the Red Keepsake Jacket invitation. As the name implies, the invitation itself is red but it’s tied with an eye-catching orange and yellow bow.

What truly sets these invitations apart, however, is their design. When you open up the invitation, you’ll find an insert where your invitation is printed. Behind the insert is a special pocket for your RSVP card and its matching envelope. Those cards and envelopes come with the invitations, too. If you love the idea of this type of unique wedding stationery, then you may also be interested in the variety of festive wedding invitations.

Other Unique Invitation Ideas

While the wedding invitation itself can be unique, you can also dress up ordinary invitations with special embellishments. Many couples use ribbons for their embellishments, but you can choose to use add water color images to your cards using a stencil or add a touch of glitter. Adding your monograms would a nice choice, too. You’ll also find a variety of charms, adhesives, and even miniature flowers you can use as ways to make any wedding invitation stand out.

In the long run though, it’s not whether or not the invitation is unique that matters. It’s the celebration itself.

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