Simple Guide to Rehearsal Dinner Speeches

There are often complaints and jokes made about rehearsal dinner speeches. This is due to many reasons. The most common reason is that most people simply have no experience in writing, preparing, or giving speeches. In these cases, a simple guide to rehearsal dinner speeches is required.

speechKeeping it Short

Your first simple guide to rehearsal dinner speeches is to keep it short. It may not seem like much time, but your speech for rehearsal dinners and wedding toasts should be no more than three minutes. This is ample time to get your point across if you avoid making any embarrassing jokes or remarks. Of course, if you run long that’s not a big deal, but if you go over five minutes you’re definitely too long winded.

Preparation is Key

You spend hours on your wedding vows, and you should dedicate only a little less time to a simple guide to rehearsal dinner speeches. Preparation is key to success. You should write your speech, or at least give yourself a sort of outline to work off of that is easy to remember. You should also practice your speech in front of the mirror, and run a timer to make sure you’re not going too long.

When to Use Jokes

Your next step in a simple guide to rehearsal dinner speeches is learning how and when to use jokes. It is perfectly okay to try to get a laugh out of people, but not at someone else’s expense. Try to keep the jokes about a person something that is not too embarrassing and is completely unrelated to the couple themselves. This will avoid getting people mad at you. If you don’t think you can crack a joke without making someone want to crack your jaw, you should probably stay away from them altogether.

Who Should Give Speeches

toastMany a simple guide to rehearsal dinner speeches gives you advice on how to give speeches, but doesn’t say who should make them. Realistically, you should not expect your best man and maid of honor to come up with two speeches, and it is redundant to make everyone sit through the same speech twice. So if these traditional speeches will be given at the reception, you should not have them give speeches at the rehearsal dinner.

So who, according to a simple guide to rehearsal dinner speeches, should make a speech during the rehearsal dinner? The bride should make a speech thanking her parents for raising her and all they have done to give her the wedding of her dreams. The groom should give a speech thanking his parents for their support. The couple together should also give a speech thanking everyone involved for their hard work and participation.

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