Hosting Rehearsal Dinner Party in a Casual Way

Planning a wedding is a stressful and time consuming activity. The last thing you want to do after all that work is plan yet another event, the rehearsal dinner party. However, it is important that you follow through with this tradition. This is an important opportunity to recognize and appreciate all of the people that make your dreams of your big day a reality. This leads to a need for hosting rehearsal dinner party in a casual way that will not stress you out even more, or take up too much of your time.

rehearsal dinnerWho to Invite

When hosting rehearsal dinner party in a casual way, you want to invite as few people as possible. However, at the same time, you want to make sure that no one important is left out. Remember that you are under no obligation to invite people that charge for their help, such as caterers or photographers. You should, however, invite the person officiating the wedding, and their spouse if they have one.

Even when hosting rehearsal dinner party in a casual way, you can end up with a pretty large guest list. You absolutely must invite everyone in the bridal party and their spouse and children, if they have any. If you have a flower girl or ring bearer, you should invite their parents and any siblings they may have. Finally, you have to invite the parents, siblings and grandparents of both the bride and the groom.

Planning the Dinner

Don’t try to plan and prepare an elaborate dinner when hosting rehearsal dinner party in a casual way. If you insist on cooking, keep it simple with something like soup and sandwiches, spaghetti, or grilled chicken. If you really want to keep it simple, order everything out and have it brought in. Of course, you could always go to a restaurant and have them do everything for you, but this is rather expensive, and means you have to get everyone from the rehearsal location to a restaurant, which is definitely not simple.

party cateringPlanning the Party

When hosting rehearsal dinner party in a casual way, there is no need for a lot of planning. If you are just having family and wedding participants, there is no need to send out invitations. If you want to send them out anyway, just to make sure no one is forgotten, you can use simple dinner party invitations that are cheap and worry free from a party supply store or wedding supply store. There is really no need to go through the great expense of a special printer. You can also opt make the invitations yourself.

You should, however, make sure everyone is aware that you will be hosting rehearsal dinner party in a casual way after the rehearsal. Make sure they know that this will take place at the church, your home, or a restaurant and give two weeks notice.

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