Planning Rehearsal Dinner Party in a Modern Way

Planning rehearsal dinner party in a modern way is actually fairly easy and pain free if you know how to do it right. Everyone understands that you do not want to spend a lot of time and effort on the rehearsal dinner, especially after all the hard work and time you have put into your wedding itself. If you follow a specific plan and budget accordingly from the beginning, you will be able to have a successful and stress free rehearsal dinner party.

Where to have the Party

Rehearsal Dinner LocationWhen planning rehearsal dinner party in a modern way, you should book a restaurant for the occasion. This way you have very little to do in the way of preparation and clean up. You do not need to worry about cooking the food or cleaning up anything afterwards. However, you should book the restaurant well in advance. Otherwise you may not be able to get the date you need, and you cannot move the rehearsal and dinner. It must be the day before your wedding. So if the restaurant doesn’t have the date you need, you’ll have to go elsewhere.

You should consider several things when choosing the restaurant for planning rehearsal dinner party in a modern way. First, you want to be sure that the restaurant can accommodate your group. An establishment with a separate banquet room or private dining area will be best suited. This allows you all the room and privacy you would have at home without the mess and worry.

When to have the Party

Traditional rehearsal dinner planning called for setting the date and time just after the rehearsal on the day before the wedding. However, planning rehearsal dinner party in a modern way gives more flexibility on time. The dinner party does not necessarily have to be at night. In fact, most parents prefer that the party end earlier if you want your flower girls and ring bearer to attend. Additionally, some people are now opting to have the dinner before the rehearsal so that you do not have to have the rehearsal as early for the dinner portion to be over in time for the little ones. It is also sometimes easier to get reservations if you plan for earlier in the evening.

place cardsWho to Invite

You need to invite everyone in the bridal party, as well as the parents and siblings of both the bride and groom. You should also invite your minister or whoever is performing the ceremony. When planning rehearsal dinner party in a modern way, you should expect your guest list to reach around thirty people, unless you have a small bridal party. Budget your dinner accordingly, and choose a cheaper restaurant if necessary to accommodate the need.

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